You delve in your heart,

you search for answers without finding clarity.

A change in your reality demands that you accept death within yourself, death within the story of your life.

Change, even good change, comes with loss, grief, and a flood of tears.

You change. You lose part of your identity.

Everything that you lost becomes a memory. There’s nothing you can do to recreate the past version of yourself and the past version of your life story.

Change demands you to grow, to let go of what no longer is, and to accept the new season of your life.

The grief that comes with change teaches you something about life: how to have a sense of humor when the struggle is real, how to live with all of the questions that you can’t find the answers to.

Letting go of your old self, of your old life story–however painful–is necessary to help you welcome new experiences into your life. To help you welcome experiences that you never thought were possible.

Like breaking in new shoes, the new you, your new life story takes some time to get used to.

Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

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13 thoughts on “You delve in your heart,

  1. Sometimes need to allow decaying of amber’s to snuffed out to dig deep to see what you are truly made of.

    “Remember one thing learn to pick your battles and never think the war is ever finish there is always affliction waging within yourself.”

    When it comes to others like myself never easy riding the constant Roller Coaster Affect where there is no getting off of this ride.

    hope you had great nolliag shona HummingBird



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      1. That would be understatment for others like me, I am grateful everyday I can draw breath into my lungs and feel alive.

        Because I know what awaits me and its constant torment of relentless dismay.

        I take it day by day
        luas dia I do thruas HummingBird



      2. Yes, that’s so important to be grateful of your breath & life every day, & to take it day by day. I’m taking it day by day, too.

        It sounds like your torment and dismay are mighty and never ending. May you be free from what torments you, and may you be free of what brings you dismay.

        with peace,

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