When the storms of life arrive,

7 thoughts on “When the storms of life arrive,

  1. Great post of inspiration for others Andrea!

    The world doesn’t because it doesn’t know what it is like to walk a mile in my shoes.

    Let alone everyday

    Time doesn’t heal nothing that is mirage of deception the storm so many run from truly teaches you to endured and live.

    And darkness everyone shuns outta fear of the unknown kept me alive and welcome me with open arms of solace.

    No matter how much even I wanted to couldn’t never deny it but embrace it as its apart of every aspect of me.

    I am no hero because I am RAW an Real and therefore I will always correlate myself as the Villain.




    • Thank you for sharing your perspective & for your kind words, Alex!

      You make a good point there, how the storm teaches you how to endure.

      From personal experience time has definitely helped me heal, but I know our experiences are different, and I respect that. Healing has allowed me to understand that storms are a normal part of life.

      I think being real and raw are important qualities people have because we aren’t perfect, as long as one isn’t causing suffering or harm to people.

      Lotsa peace to you, Alex ✨


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      • Thank you for understanding Andrea

        There is a lot truth in what you express as well I am glad that you found solace of time to help you heal.

        I do realized also that no matter how many Storms come try ripped you into nothing the Sun will always find a way to grace your face and warm you with its vibrancy.

        As for as and myself that ship already has set cast away.

        luas dia I do thuras Andrea


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      • Hey Alex, It’s good to hear from you mate. Thank you for your beautiful words. I try. Sometimes I fail, but I try. I’m sorry for responding late.

        I’m proud of you for starting to get your stability and back on your feet, to hear that you feel grounded, anchored. (I’m not on messenger, but you may email me at hummingbirdjour @ gmail (I kindly request no spam links/photos).

        p.s. I want to let you know that I’m “closing” the blog. Thank you sooo much for your support these past few years! I wish you ALL OF THE BEST in your writing projects, and keep me updated! Much love. 💗

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