When should you practice self care?

And how much self care is enough? Do your self-care practices look different on weekdays versus the weekends?

Then there’s the question of when does self care turn into laziness? Or when does self care turn into an excuse to avoid things in your life?

What’s not up for question, though, is that self-care practices help you refresh.

Since I’m an introvert and a highly sensitive person, self-care practices are a must. I’m of no help when I haven’t had time to rest and relax after the hustle drains my energy.

So when should you practice self care?

I have found that in order to keep yourself balanced, you must practice self care at the right time–before the stress, overwhelm, or burnout gets out of control.

You should practice self-care in the following instances:

1. When you’re working your butt off

When you give your best effort in all areas of your life, whether it’s caring for your family or working over-time, you’re bound to feel stress, pressure, or overwhelm.

Communicating and collaborating with people requires you to be alert, open, and focused. There’s a need for a positive attitude, or, in the least, a flexible attitude.

Self-care keeps you centered while you hustle.

2. When you’re going through a lot

There are phases in your life when you need to be extra gentle with yourself.

For example, when you experience times of change or grief, practicing self care helps you come to terms with change or loss.

When you have a lot going on, practicing self care helps you become aware of what’s important so that you stop causing yourself unnecessary stress.

3. When you’re preparing for the upcoming hustle

Preparing for the upcoming hustle is just as important as refreshing yourself after the hustle.

When you prepare for the upcoming hustle, you prioritize feeling balanced, recharged, and refreshed so that you can be your best self and give your best work when it’s time to hustle again.

No matter what your self-care practices look like or how much time you need to reenergize, don’t ignore the signs telling you that you need a self-care break.

7 thoughts on “When should you practice self care?

  1. I can go from one extreme to the next. Sometimes I push self-care onto the back burner. There’s just so much to do, so many things that I want to accomplish that I simply do not have time to stop and relax. I think that’s why when I finally do decide to slow down, I can overindulge.

    The trick is to find a balance. You can take a shorter break more often.

    Also, I would recommend being honest with yourself. I will ask myself if I feel like I’ve recovered. If the answer is a hard “no,” I keep on resting. If I say “yes, but…,” it’s time to consider getting back to work. Not that I always do…

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  2. Andrea
    I agree with your words and self-care to me is never about being lazy or selfish. I feel that is something people need to get past. I am so much better person when I have invested in my own care.
    Thank you so much for again a lovely and insightful blog post.

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