How to stop feeling stressed & overwhelmed

Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Stop fretting. Everything’s going to turn out okay. Life isn’t meant to be complicated.

When things turn complicated, it’s your sign to let go of whatever’s keeping you from peace. Remember that living is really simple. Living is about being and loving.

Let go

To stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed, let go of your need to be perfect. Let go of your need to impress. Let go of things in your schedule that are not helping you feel a sense of balance.


Being nothing other than who you are at this moment, without any changes. Show up and you’ll become better at all the things that you want to get better at. There’s power in showing up fragile and imperfect.


When you’ve got lots of things going on, return to love. Every day, every moment is a new chance to love.

The world needs all types of love: peaceful love, forgive-full love, healing love, happy love. Love in whatever ways you can.

See? I told you. Everything is going to turn out okay. Remember to keep things simple:

Let go. Be. Love.

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