You are love. You are loved.

Let’s forget about the heart-shaped emojis for a minute. What do you feel when hear the word loveWhy does love never end? How is love always here, alway present?

Photo by Felipe Galvan on Unsplash


It takes time and perspective to forgive the people who have brought you pain. Sometimes people cause pain because they don’t see past their own reality. Other times, they know they’re causing pain, and they want to pull everyone into their misery.

When you forgive, you acknowledge that someone made a mistake. They have the power to do better. Regardless of what people do and say, you always have the power to not just love, but love abundantly.


It’s not about who deserves love and who doesn’t. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted as they are–from the grumpy to the conceited to the self-reliant person.

We didn’t come to earth to judge how people live their lives. We didn’t come here to withhold our love when people make mistakes. Accept people–flaws and all.


Step out of your reality for a minute, and think about about what people are going through right at this moment: Someone’s hurting. Someone’s afraid. Someone feels helpless.

You have a wealth of love within you. Don’t let selfishness get in your way of expressing your wealth of love.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


When you find yourself feeling lack of love, ask yourself:

  • What barriers have I built to not let the love in?
  • When was the last time I forgave someone?
  • Who’s that one person I can learn to love without expecting them to be any different?
  • What was the last caring thing I did for someone?

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