3 Reminders When You’re Having a Bad Day

Bad days usually start in the morning. You wake up late. Everything seems to be going wrong. You forget something important like a lunch bag.

Bad days have gems if you’re willing to find them. Sometimes a bad day is a bad day. Period.

1. Trust in the right timing of things

When you have a vision of the perfect outcome, when you believe that this is your one-and-only opportunity, you’re not open to other possibilities.

Bad days remind you to let go of the outcome, of your need to control everything. When something isn’t working out one way, other opportunities are waiting. Most often times, these are the perfect opportunities meant for you.

2. Take a breath or a break if you need to

Sometimes all it takes is one negative interaction with someone to ruin your day. With life experience, it becomes easier to get past these negative interactions.

Jake Ducey says: Don’t let 5 bad minutes of your life affect the rest of your day. Take some deep breaths or a break after a negative interaction with someone. Don’t let it get to you to the point that you can’t go on through the rest of your day.

3. Let your bad day fuel you

Use your “bad day” experience as an anecdote or as inspiration for something like a blog post about having a bad day.

Let it motivate you to achieve a goal. When it’s not working out one way, find another way to accomplish your goal.

What have you learned form having a bad day?

10 thoughts on “3 Reminders When You’re Having a Bad Day

  1. Maybe there are not any bad days. There are just days that diverge from our plan, because we are not the planners. From the perspective of the universe, everything s happening as they should anyway.

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