One simple tip to help you stay positive

Even if it ever starts sounding overrated, gratitude is so beneficial because it helps you shift your focus to (not necessarily) all the positive, but (in the least) to not stay stuck on the negative things going on.

For example, I’ve been super grateful for all of the people who kept their calm or positivity at the beginning of all the change Covid-19 brought with it. Grateful for the people who led and have been leading with heart, who kept going, who showed up not just for themselves but for the rest of the world.

I say this because it took me a while to take it in, to process it all. Knowing myself, I knew it was going to take some effort to keep my sanity. So one of the very of the very first things I started doing regularly again was gratitude journaling.

How gratitude helps you stay positive

Gratitude helps shift your focus to the thoughts and energy that will help you get back on your journey. You may not feel like your normal self, but you’re more open to having a this-is-figuroutable attitude.

With gratitude, it’s easier to find value in what you have in this present moment, to not focus on loss–in what you had yesterday–or in what tomorrow brings, but to focus on what’s within your reach now.

Photo by Alysha Rosly on Unsplash

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