The secret ingredients to positivity might be

your favorite beverage, a joyful moment and your latest accomplishment. Did I get it right? What are the ingredients of your positivity?

If you’re having trouble finding the good in your day lately, here’s an idea that’ll bring you joy and appreciation: the happiness jar.

You don’t even have to call it the happiness jar. I didn’t. I call mine the positivity jar, but you can simply call it The Jar.

I wasn’t about to go buy supplies to make a jar, so I decided I’d make one from the supplies I have already. I needed a tad bit more positivity in my life.

The benefits of keeping a positivity jar:

What I like about keeping the positivity jar is that it forced me to find something good from my day to write about. If I couldn’t think of something, I wrote down a quote that I’d been reflecting on lately.

Looking for something good from my day allowed me to find the good, even if I didn’t have the best day of my life. Keeping a positivity jar helps you focus on the positive side of things.

The purpose of keeping a positivity jar is to document something that happened in your day that brought you joy, appreciation or positivity. 

I was looking forward to reading what I wrote down after I’d accumulated a lot of notes. Here’s a list of things I usually wrote about (if you need ideas for what to write about):

isn’t this the cutest?
  1. Accomplishments—even the little ones that are part of #adulting
  2. Things or experiences that you’re grateful for
  3. Joyful moments
  4. Meaningful or interesting experiences
  6. Things you learned
  7. Your favorite movies, food, magazines, etc.

How to make your positivity jar:

  1. Repurpose or buy a container with a lid
  2. Decorate the container to your liking

I found a candle jar with no lid. So I made a lid with tissue paper, a flower sticker, and a bit of yarn. And ta-da! I DIY’d the jar.

Tips for keeping your positivity jar:

  1. Keep stationery nearby so that it’s ready for you to write daily notes for your jar
  2. Write for your jar at the same time everyday such as when you’re winding down from your day or before you go to sleep so that you don’t forget

If this is something that you’ve tried or might give a try, let me know in the comments. What are your thoughts on the positivity jar?

If you’ve kept one, what benefits have you experienced from keeping one? Do you have recommendations for making a positivity jar?

17 thoughts on “The secret ingredients to positivity might be

      • Have you been writing lately I had to take a 3 month hiatus because of circumstances outta my hands and it was for my own wellbeing.

        I would be deceiving if I said I am good far from it but I am taking in strides day by day.

        “The mind can amazing place of wonder it can also be ensuffering prison of affliction ” E.O.S

        Any time

        luas dia I do thuras Andrea


        Liked by 1 person

      • I have. I’ve actually been writing a lot more, but it’s more journaling than anything else. I filled up two journals in the past few months which is way more than I usually journal. How about you, have you been writing lately? That’s good that you prioritized your wellbeing even if it meant taking a hiatus (I had to take one, too). I hope circumstances have improved for you. What motivates you to take in strides day by day if you don’t mind me asking?


      • No worries

        All I been through I am grateful to take and draw breath into my lungs each and every day nothing is certain in Life.

        So when I say I take things in strides is just that ” in victory and defeat always remain humble something my Father forged into me at tender age.

        There things I could share with you but I would suggest you look at my segment called My Story on my site.

        I have to warn you it’s very surreal and a lot to absorbed and take in.

        But it will answer your question and them some…

        That is fantastic that your creative flow is churning

        I been finding myself lacing a lot of lyrics as of late as well Andrea.

        There is something I say and live by ” Storms come and go to ripped you into nothing and snuff all you have away , but no matter what the Sun always finds a way to shine through ” E.O.S

        Keep well Andrea



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  1. I love this idea! I made a positivity jar a couple years ago but then I got out of the habit, but I would love to start one up again! It’s a great way of practicing gratitude and it’s always fun to look back and see what you’ve written 😊

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    • I’m so guilty of falling out of habit on some days! I was recently thinking that it might be easier than keeping a gratitude journal because it’s so simple. It’s definitely fun going back and reading the notes as the jar starts filling up, especially the ones I don’t even remember writing 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I suppose it doesn’t make you feel as guilty for missing a day because you can’t tell by looking at the jar! So it’s okay to have a break sometimes 😊

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