You can spend your time worrying about a problem or

I wanted to answer the phone call. However, I was scanning groceries at the self checkout. Me: Do I answer, finish checking out, or multitask? 🤔

I decided to finish checking out, and then return the call. Turns out it was a very important call, and as much as I was grateful for it, I was also left in awe at the opportunity God had granted me. The call was about a job offer at my previous place of employment.

You see, I’d chosen to have faith that God would bring job opportunities my way. I’d never experienced this much faith before in regards to finding employment. As opposed to last year when I spent some time worrying about whether or not I’d find a job.

When I got the job offer, I thought about how growing in faith helps one trust in God’s plan and timing. I’ve been growing in faith the past year for multiple reasons. And as a result, I’ve been learning how to apply God’s word in my life.

To help me further understand how God wants me to put my faith into practice, I’ve been reading a book called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I learned that God uses one’s circumstances to transform one’s character and that I have power to choose my reactions to everything going on in my life.

For example, when I head into my impatient mode, I remind myself of the things I am grateful for, and I thank God for them in that present moment. I’m also reminded of how I can turn my self-centered attitude into a considerate one, such as by putting more interest on what’s most important to other people.

I’ve learned about the importance of meditating on God’s word. According to Rick, if one can spend their time worrying about a problem, one can learn to focus on God’s word throughout the day. The difference is what we choose to focus on. To put this into practice, I wrote down a bible verse that I wanted to meditate on. I reflected on that verse throughout the day for a week.

This practice isn’t perfect (to my dismay, I realized how easy it is for me to not follow through with God’s teaching…and do the entirely opposite). But it did challenge me to keep God’s word in mind throughout the day and to find ways to apply it. Challenging myself to bring my thoughts and focus back to God throughout the day is something that’s new to me.

With practice and dedication, I hope that it’ll help me continue choosing faith over worry. What has helped you the most in strengthening your faith? How has God used your circumstances to transform your character? How have you been practicing the word of God lately?

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11 thoughts on “You can spend your time worrying about a problem or

  1. Hi Andrea

    I hope all is well and you’re in good health I see you been busy as well.

    I honestly didn’t see lyrics I laced as something I would be open to make public but I have gained a lot traction and have had few bands reach out from you tube about them didn’t see as that being something.

    As my writing helps me cipher through the many dips in the fire I have been scorched from as does writing lyrics was away of letting me escaped the fucked sense of reality I have myself completely isolated from rescue.

    luas dia I do thruas Andrea



  2. I’m glad to hear that you got some good news.
    God and faith are very important to me.
    They say that faith tests are meant to either break you or make you. I found that my faith strengthens when I’m hit with difficult situations.
    I’m not perfect but I try to listen to Him and follow His guidance.
    We had a couple of great preachers in our church. Unfortunately, they got swapped recently and the new ones seem… off. I have to remind myself to give them a chance.

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    1. Thank you, Sam! For sure. I hear you on strengthening your faith when facing difficult situations. And of listening to Him and following His guidance even though one’s not perfect, I’m with you on that one. Yes, for sure! I’ve always liked the preachers that have a sense of humor, and when there’s new ones I also find myself remembering to give them a chance.

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