You know you can do better

She crumpled the paper without a care. “I don’t like it,” she said. Just like she crumpled the first paper, she crumpled the next.

You are right if you guessed that those crumpled papers ended up in the trash.

My friend crumpled her drawings every time she didn’t like them, in our high school art class. Her drawings were waaay better than mine. Even the art teacher reminded me of the fact when he said, “How do you feel sitting next to the most talented student in the class?”

She crumpled her drawings and threw them out because she knew that they didn’t compare to the best pieces of art she’d created in the past. Which I get because when it comes to talents and skills, you experience doubt or frustration from time to time when you know you can do better.

Like my high school friend, I also had the artistic talent growing up. I painted portraits and sunsets, and I drew intricate mandalas. But unlike her, I didn’t continue putting the time or practice into my painting and drawing skills.

What skills and talents have you stopped practicing?

Just the other week, I dedicated some time to painting something really simple. I painted bright pink flowers and leaves. It felt nice to paint in solitude and to get the watercolor paints out from the plastic storage bin. I thought, I should do this more often.

What skills and talents are you an expert on? How do you further develop your skills and talents?

Your amiga,


21 thoughts on “You know you can do better

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I’m more of a writer than a painter. I can relate because the things I wrote 3 years ago I’d like to delete at times. lol. As we better our craft, previous work seems never good enough. I’ve decided that my older work is the reason I’ve managed to get a few short stories published. The old work helps create better new work. Checking out the rest of your blog at Goldies Blog party. Hope to see you there!

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  2. I have no painting/drawing talent. However, I did go through a painting phase as it allowed me to get a lot of my emotions out. It relaxed me as well. But it’s a messy thing so I did not continue.

    I don’t think I’m an expert on anything. But what makes one an expert, anyway?

    I took a long break from writing a few years back. It really feels good to be back on the horse. You just have to put in the conscious time. I think that’s the biggest factor. Plus, find a way to challenge yourself every now and again. If you want to get back into painting, maybe ask someone what they would like to see you paint. And then see where it leads you.

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    • definitely, I can see how painting allows one to relax and let out emotions. Do you mind if I ask you what types of paintings you painted? Sam, you’re an expert in writing surprising twists in your stories and incorporating humor, and I also think you do a great job in making me think lol! I was thinking an expert is someone you look for advice or who you look up as a role model, someone who’s mastered the craft, but then again there’s always something new to learn at all levels, and reasons to innovate or to be original. It reminds me of how when one becomes a teacher, you continue to learn so much from your students, so they become the teachers.

      I like the points you make of putting in conscious time + challenging yourself, challenging oneself especially. What do you think challenges you the most in writing? now that you bring that up, I’m remembering that a family member did request a painting of an image/dream they saw, I think that’s my painting challenge, to paint it so that it looks as closely as their dream!

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      • Types of painting? Abstract painting is probably my go-to. However, I always liked nature views, too. Watercolors.

        Awww, thank you so much for your kind words. *Bows* I’m glad to hear that I am successful at getting my humor, twists, and thoughts across.

        The writing prompts are definitely challenging. It’s a challenge for my creativity. The word count also adds to that. Of course, that is just one of the examples. Publishing is my next (bigger) challenge.

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      • I can see you painting nature views, considering you’ve mentioned your appreciation for nature. I see how the writing prompts challenge your creativity, and how word count adds to the challenge as well. I’m so excited for you on your publishing journey! You got this!

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  3. I used to paint a lot when I was in college. And used to gift paintings to my friend’s. Mostly I used to paint Landscapes. I have no idea how I used to paint as Today, I completely forgot that art. I have not practiced from year’s now or you can say that now I am not confident enough.

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