you also have lots to tell me

One of the bazillion excuses that I came up with for not blogging is that I got switched grade level a quarter into the school year. I went from teaching middle school to high school, 11th-grade English to be more specific. Teaching a new grade level, especially one that I hadn’t taught before, was like reliving my 1st year of teaching because I had to prepare my lesson plans on a week-to-week basis again. This meant that I was working outside the work hours. This got better this semester, thankfully!

The other bazillion excuses that I told myself for not writing for the blog were

  1. I’m not going to have time to blog consistently so why bother. (I had time to watch Netflix so I had time to update the blog.) 
  2. I’m not feeling mentally or emotionally well, so why blog.
  3. I’m tired af which was one of the few legit excuses.

I’m alive as you can see. And I want to get back into the blog-writing habit. I feel like sharing so much given the long absence. I’ve been outgrowing my 2020 self. Last year was a year of dismantling my somewhat naive vision of the world and life.

I’ve been doing some maturing. It took me a while to accept that I’m back in my hometown. It definitely wasn’t easy. It’s not a glamorous home town. I think I’m finally seeing some light at the end of that tunnel. It’s the people here (or anywhere) that make a world of a difference.

I’ve attempted to blog. I wrote a post about trying mushroom hummus toast which was delish. According the the website where I found the recipe, it’s considered breakfast. After trying said recipe, I concluded that mushroom hummus toast is not breakfast. It’s perfect for brunch or a side, but not for breakfast. Do you think mushroom hummus toast falls in the breakfast category? 

What other things have I not told you? I’m an auntie now. My nephew is the most adorable-est in the world. I’m sure every auntie says that about their nieces and nephews. Also, I like to think that I’m his favorite auntie :). 

My plans for this summer? Read the books my 9th graders are going to be reading next year, lesson plan with my 9th grade team teacher, spend time with my family. And bake some empanadas that I saw on the Claire Saffitz YT show. I’ll let you know how they come out.

I’m sure you also have lots to tell me. How have you been? What have I missed? What plans do you have for this summer?

with mucho cariño,


p.s. Cariño means affection in Spanish. It also means dear. 

23 thoughts on “you also have lots to tell me

  1. It’s nice to read something honest , real, very relatable. Before the pandemic, In totally stopped blogging, then it became the perfect as escape from the pandemic, it became mental and emotional therapist. To write what we go through and people showing their support and kindness made me go back to blogging again. It’s my double identity that even my co-workers and friends has no idea. To great adventures.

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    • It’s good to hear that blogging helped you through the pandemic, that you received kindhearted support, and that you found blogging therapeutic. I relate to you because I’ve been finding so much Hope in writing regularly again. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you and your fam! To great adventures! 🙏

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      • Writing is free and safe mental and emotional therapy. It’s an escape which sadly we don’t just find in our workplace, community or even family circle. To be understood is the hardest for others to give, even if it’s free. I guess, people are not use to the idea health is beyond the physical. That we all need it, want it, deserve it.

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  2. The cool thing about a personal blog is you can write whenever you feel the urge to do so. I used to believe a schedule or daily writing was the thing to do. I eventually became overwhelmed with the upkeep of doing so. Then the year of h*ll struck and I chose to go more into a shell – I didn’t have much to carry me, let alone more blogging efforts. I’ve stumbled upon a more free schedule – once a week and I get to replying and reading as time permits. I may offend more disciplined bloggers with that technique, but…then again, maybe not. Cheers to you for overcoming the obstacles you had during the year. That’s blogworthy material indeed!

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    • Hi Shelley! I relate to you in feeling overwhelmed by blogging schedules in the past and the experience of a h*ll of year. It’s good to hear that you’ve found a schedule and a blogging technique that works for you. I’m sure some bloggers don’t mind about that! I’ve been thinking about blogging once a week as well when I decide to resume blogging. Thank you so much for your visit and for your kind comments!

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  3. Hi Andrea! It’s nice to see you back. When you’re busy, you’re busy. And when you’re tired, you’re tired. I’ll be starting my third new job in four years when school begins. It’s weird how my resume was so steady for 17 years, then suddenly all over the map. Anyway, I’m excited for year 21, senior English. I’m reading, too.

    P.S. I think I could go for mushroom hummus for breakfast.

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  4. I was glad to see a comment from you on my page and subsequently I was eager to check out what you’ve been up to.

    Even though we work in different fields, I feel like the same thing happened to me with blogging. Only you get the summer somewhat off and I have actually more work. So… who knows when I will really be back back. But I’m still trying to write here and there and check other people’s work.

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  5. You’ve been busy! That Mushroom hummus toast sounds great too (I love mushrooms to begin with).

    As for what I’ve been up to, I’ve signed up for this event with my brother called tough mudder, an obstacle course over the span of a ten mile run, so I’ve been training for that. I can’t wait!

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