I want you to dream with me the dream writing space

Who did these rooms belong to? One room has a desk surrounded by bookshelves. Another room has stars and planets shining through the walls. I analyzed each room’s items to guess what type of work its owner did. I later learned that Elie Wiesel’s study contained the desk with the bookshelf and that Prince’s studio had the universe shining through the walls.

After looking at some photographs of spaces that famous people worked in, I thought about how I don’t have my dream writing space yet. I was inspired to envision my dream writing space.

Dream with me while I share writing space ideas. If you already have your ideal writing space, how did you decorate and organize your space? These are some of the things that come to mind when I think of my ideal writing space: 

  • Surrounded by beautiful things because beautiful things always inspire me, plants 🪴 and artsy wall prints. 
  • A coaster for drinks, coffee maker or coffee station nearby, bookshelf and file cabinet nearby, window with a view–one that I could look through for inspiration if needed.
  • A comfortable armchair or small sofa for reading 📖.

What’s one of your must-have items in your writing space? Do you have more than one must-have item?

With mucho carino,


p.s. Click here to see Mitch Epstein’s collection of photos 📷 that I mentioned called “The Rooms They Left Behind”.

17 thoughts on “I want you to dream with me the dream writing space

  1. Analyzing random rooms to try and figure out whom they might belong to sounds like an interesting idea. It enables your creativity to run wild.

    Currently, I do not have a perfect space. I’d like to keep it simple – a big window and comfy seating next to it. The rest of the room would probably be rather minimalistic, with a desk, a comfy chair, and, as Em suggested – a bed would be nice just because. A bulletin board wouldn’t hurt for any ideas that I’d want to keep visible.

    Second place would be a (maybe rocking?) chair on a porch with a view of a forest, lake, a mountain.

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    • It sure does. You reminded me of an inferences writing exercise, of analyzing trash bags, what they tell about a person or people in a household. I appreciate the simplicity of your ideal space. Looks like a calm and comfortable environment. And the view of a forest, lake, and mountain sound like a lovely experience! I can already imagine writing while the sun rises or before it sets. 🌄

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  2. Somehow one overlooks these settings for one just wants to get to writing but this post is like a match stick spark. Setting is the most important call to action.

    Thank you Andrea, I feel lovely to be here visiting your blog
    Narayan x

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  3. A room where its walls could be drawn on so I’d be able to physically see the distance between something I want to add versus something I’m unlikely to add, but set the scene for what I’m trying to write about.

    You’d have this bookshelf a sliding door that could keep in view the books I’d like to read or reference, whilst hiding those that I don’t, so keeping the room looking simple and clean.

    Maybe it might be nice to have plants to feed and water, for the moments when I’d like to rest and gain inspiration from.

    … Or an empty quiet space with a pen and notepad might do.

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    • I think those are great ideas! Reminds me of a coworker who during a brainstorming session used the whiteboard to jot down ideas to help us see the whole picture. I appreciate the intention of purpose and simplicity by having the to-be-read and reference books in view. What’s a book that you’d currently like to read? Love the simplicity of “Or an empty quiet space with a pen and notepad might do.” Very true!

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      • Although I have a number of books I’d like to read, right now I feel like going through a or high school or college level maths book and answering the questions there. I have the book already, so I should probably get around to it again. I’ve been listening to an audiobook version of The Nature of Plants by Craig Huegel and would like to continue, but I’ve been somewhat procrastinating with that because the topic is something I’m still new to and so it feels like a bit much. That being said, the main book I’m on is still the gratitude project.

        Having said all that and remember that there’s much more, I now realise that I have some prioritisation and structuring tasks to do 😅

        I felt like mentioning the empty space with a pen and notepad as a reminder for myself that, although the extras would be nice and worth considering, I’m grateful for what’s already within reach.

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      • Same with procrastination and prioritisation over here too. That’s gold wisdom, “being grateful for what’s already within reach” I think this mindset allows one to see the world through abundance, not lack. Sounds like you have many different interests. Maths, nature, gratitude. It’s interesting to think about how the topics you’re currently learning about interconnect. I appreciate you for the continued support for the blog, means a lot!🙏

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      • Although I’m not sure about how they’d interconnect, they do each give me a fresh perspective on life. Maths loves to be absolute, nature seeks patience for growth, gratitude wants you to be appreciative of what we’ve been given.

        And you’re welcome! 😁

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  4. I’m lucky, I have a den. What would I have that I don’t have? It’s more that I want better. I’d love a new, custom and purpose-built desk. That would be amazing. And, because I’m tired today, a bed.

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