Life’s beauty, life’s goodness, & life’s mystery

It’s been a busy week for me. So I decided to reuse an old post and turn it into a slideshow. I had fun creating it. And the final product turned out beautiful! I hope you enjoy! How was your week? Your amiga, Andrea p.s. – Would you like to see more posts in theContinue reading “Life’s beauty, life’s goodness, & life’s mystery”

One simple tip to help you stay positive

Even if it ever starts sounding overrated, gratitude is so beneficial because it helps you shift your focus to (not necessarily) all the positive, but (in the least) to not stay stuck on the negative things going on. For example, I’ve been super grateful for all of the people who kept their calm or positivityContinue reading “One simple tip to help you stay positive”

The beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life

You appreciate the beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life on good and bad days. As you get older, your wisdom grows. You’re less naive. You’re stronger. You’re grateful about the good things life blesses you with: songs to sing, something new to learn, a curiosity to laugh about.  Sometimes the purpose of yourContinue reading “The beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life”

Incredible things happen when you believe in someone

There comes a time when people doubt themselves and their dreams, a time when all they need is a ray of hope. Incredible things happen when you believe in someone with consistency or at the right time and at the right place. You may not even know how much your words or actions meant toContinue reading “Incredible things happen when you believe in someone”

41 things to be grateful for

When I lived in Oklahoma, Spring meant tornado season, thunderstorms, and the possibility of the electricity going out. Only then did I notice my dependence on light bulbs, the internet, and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for things to be grateful for today or a reminder of the abundance in your life, I’ve writtenContinue reading “41 things to be grateful for”

3 wonderful benefits of gratitude

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before,” said Maya Angelou. Finding wonder in a day of routine starts with gratitude. Feeling grateful helps you experience a life of abundance and hope. Gratitude helps you accept the lesson in the struggle. 1. A life of abundance Feeling grateful helps you see theContinue reading “3 wonderful benefits of gratitude”

Have you seen your gift yet?

Dear reader, a few weeks ago as I was walking straight toward the produce department at the supermarket, a woman jumped into my path out of nowhere.  She asked me with a smile and cheery face, have you seen your gift yet? She caught me off guard because I was so ready to check offContinue reading “Have you seen your gift yet?”