How journaling transforms your life

Do you want to find the answer to an important life question? Do you want to find your voice? Do you want to transform your life? If so, journaling is the perfect place to start. Listen to your inner wisdom and truth Journaling helps you find the answers that are always always within you, theContinue reading “How journaling transforms your life”

3 Things that I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’ve been feeling this need to fill up my life with good vibes lately. With this goal in mind, I’ve been loving comedy and journaling (no surprise there). Surprisingly, I’m becoming better at completing the tasks that need checking off which has also been a plus. Comedy: Fuller House Are you a Fuller House fan?Continue reading “3 Things that I’ve Been Loving Lately”

How I Pick the Perfect Writing Journal

I was at Walmart the other day and decided to get my future journal. (I journal about my life as I feel the need to). I prefer smaller notebooks and fill them in 3 to 5 months. This time I decided to get a larger notebook because I really love the flowery design. I loveContinue reading “How I Pick the Perfect Writing Journal”

5 Things I Like

This post was inspired by Me Exploring’s “5 Things I Light”. #1 Learning I love the moments when I learn even the most trivial fact. The other day, I watched a video on different levels of making French toast, and I learned that stale bread is best bread to use to make French toast. IContinue reading “5 Things I Like”

Bullet Journal Inspiration

I recently watched a YouTube video about setting up a bullet journal on Weylie’s channel. (You can find the video here.) Personally, I’d never understood why people choose to spend so much time on creating the perfect bullet journal when they can just buy a pre-formatted journal or planner. It seemed time consuming and justContinue reading “Bullet Journal Inspiration”