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How technology transforms your life for better

My phone fell on my face the other day. And boy did that hurt. This didn’t transform my life for better. I still like my phone though. Because of technology, we have access to so much knowledge. When you put that knowledge into practice, you improve and transform your life–whether you want to change your mindset, maintain your health, or learn a new skill. Self-growth Whatever your go-to’s are for self growth, these sources of inspiration will help you gain awareness on how to let go of limiting beliefs. You can find inspiration for self growth on an IG account full of inspirational quotes or a motivational speaker’s Youtube channel. As you continue to work on your inner self, you experience more peace and freedom. Health There’s so much information and resources online that educate you on how to take better care of yourself and your health. Meditation videos are my favorite because they make me feel calm and centered after the work day’s over. Access to work-out videos, music, and podcasts also help you …

Why you shouldn’t fall into the self-improvement trap

Since self improvement doesn’t have an end, there’ll always be a thing or two that you can do to improve yourself. Don’t fall into the self-improvement trap. If you do, you start believing that you’re not worthy or beautiful until you change. You’re worthy and beautiful right at this moment despite your current imperfections. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you stop judging yourself for all the “negative” things that make you you. The “negative things” are things like your impatience, your horrible listening skills, or your low self confidence. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you learn to be gentle and patient with yourself as you transform into the type of person that you’ve always wanted to be. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you see beauty and worth in everyone despite their current imperfections. “Never be afraid” photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Why making mistakes is a good thing

Your mistakes aren’t meant to keep you suffering in regret or shame. They mean to teach you how to be better. Mistakes teach you how to follow through with what you say. They remind you to walk the talk. For example, do you really mean what you say when you’re on a path of peace, love, or happiness?  Mistakes teach you to forgive yourself and everyone else because being human means we’re destined to mess up again. When you mess up, you’re sometimes left with this feeling of not ever wanting to trying again, of wanting to bury yourself in the ground.  Sometimes it takes a while to get it right because you don’t know any better. Other times it takes a while to get right because you’re stubborn, and you don’t want to do things differently. Yet, the signs will always be there to point you back to the most peaceful, free, loving, and joyful path. It’s important, then, to forgive yourself and to forgive others again and again until we get it right. …