First-Year Teaching Advice: The Best Piece of Advice

I remember the worries I felt before I started my teaching internship. Would students like me? Would students be smarter than me? Would I be able to manage all the tasks required of a teacher such as turning in grades and weekly less plans on time, attend all faculty meetings, and have enough energy andContinue reading “First-Year Teaching Advice: The Best Piece of Advice”

First-Year Teaching Advice: The Importance of Reflection

Reflection over my first-year teaching is what allows me to step back and look at what has and hasn’t been working. There have been days when I remember that quote by Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome. I’m especially reminded of it when I reflectContinue reading “First-Year Teaching Advice: The Importance of Reflection”

My Top 7 Notebook Covers

This morning I read a few pages of my old journal from 2014, and I found the following quote which rings true today. The bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. -Maya Angelou Then I was inspired to share my top 7 notebook covers. These journalsContinue reading “My Top 7 Notebook Covers”

First-Year Teaching: A Reflection

As the Oklahoma teacher walkout enters its fifth day, I am reflecting over my first-year teaching, and what I need to improve when school is back in session. It’s difficult to be raw and honest about my experience of my first-year teaching because as much as I want it to look flawless and inspiring bothContinue reading “First-Year Teaching: A Reflection”

Tio Beto

I have a new favorite author, and I am absolutely grateful for The New York Times, Viet Thanh Nguyen’s recent book review of The House of Broken Angels, and of course one of my five free “ARTICLES REMAINING” left. As I read Nguyen’s book review, I found myself thinking I’ve never read this type of bookContinue reading “Tio Beto”