Why you should do it anyway

When I left my hometown of 8 years to my new home state, I was full hopes and new dreams. Fear also tagged along because it was a major change.

The move was full of mystery ahead. I was anxious because of the unknowns. But looking back, I can tell you that acting despite feeling fear has three important benefits.

1. You live a life of no regrets

When you do things even if you feel fear, you live your life without regrets. You’re not left hanging with the question “what if?”.

You learn to experience things for yourself versus relying on other’s people’s experiences and opinions.

Even if later on you decide to change the direction of your life, you will gather gems of invaluable stories to share.

2. You live a new adventure

You embark on a new adventure full of mystery and surprise.

You’ll find yourself in places and experiences you thought only existed in your dreams.

When you embrace the feeling of adventure, you continue learning about the world. You meet new wonderful people, and you live new experiences.

3. You embrace a new identity 

You’re more willing to do things that are out of your comfort zone because you get used to doing things despite feeling fear.

You don’t stop feeling fear completely, but doing things despite feeling fear becomes normal. You stop hesitating or doubting. You put yourself out there.

Even if you feel fear or anxiety when it’s time to do things that are out of you comfort or when it’s time to make a major change, remember that what’s waiting for you is so much better than the consequences of not acting.

The Feeling of Adventure

I am in awe of airplanes. I went to my city’s airport twice this year before it was my turn to get on a plane to travel. I was left with this craving to watch planes land and take off as I saw them, then, through morning gold light and tall window panes. I still crave that image despite my recent trip to Mexico.


This post isn’t about Mexico’s food or its landmarks. It’s about a wisdom I bring back from there.  (I brought back wisdom to munch on for the rest of the year.) What I want to talk about is the feeling of adventure. (For context, you should know, that I was visiting family.) And even though I wasn’t a tourist, I still felt this sense of adventure.

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