What matters most in life?

I’m so grateful that I had the good fortune to be in quarantine with my family. Since I’ve been living off of my suitcase in the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the few belongings that I brought with me.

I always come back to the thought that life is more than our belongings and that our home is more than the physical structures we call home.

Home is where we find warmth, love, laughter. Not necessarily where we eat together, but the fact that we get to eat together. Even if we bicker every now and then 🙂

These times have got me reflecting over what matters most in life? Among other questions like what does it mean to be successful in life? & what does it mean to have a successful day?

What matters most in life are our internal states of being and what we learn from the lessons of life. If you nourish your inner self and keep your mind, heart ❤️, and body healthy and balanced, your presence makes a peaceful, loving difference wherever you go. 


Photo of “suitcase” by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash & photo of “man with sky background” by Subham Dash from Pexels

When should you practice self care?

And how much self care is enough? Do your self-care practices look different on weekdays versus the weekends?

Then there’s the question of when does self care turn into laziness? Or when does self care turn into an excuse to avoid things in your life?

What’s not up for question, though, is that self-care practices help you refresh.

Since I’m an introvert and a highly sensitive person, self-care practices are a must. I’m of no help when I haven’t had time to rest and relax after the hustle drains my energy.

So when should you practice self care?

I have found that in order to keep yourself balanced, you must practice self care at the right time–before the stress, overwhelm, or burnout gets out of control.

You should practice self-care in the following instances:

1. When you’re working your butt off

When you give your best effort in all areas of your life, whether it’s caring for your family or working over-time, you’re bound to feel stress, pressure, or overwhelm.

Communicating and collaborating with people requires you to be alert, open, and focused. There’s a need for a positive attitude, or, in the least, a flexible attitude.

Self-care keeps you centered while you hustle.

2. When you’re going through a lot

There are phases in your life when you need to be extra gentle with yourself.

For example, when you experience times of change or grief, practicing self care helps you come to terms with change or loss.

When you have a lot going on, practicing self care helps you become aware of what’s important so that you stop causing yourself unnecessary stress.

3. When you’re preparing for the upcoming hustle

Preparing for the upcoming hustle is just as important as refreshing yourself after the hustle.

When you prepare for the upcoming hustle, you prioritize feeling balanced, recharged, and refreshed so that you can be your best self and give your best work when it’s time to hustle again.

No matter what your self-care practices look like or how much time you need to reenergize, don’t ignore the signs telling you that you need a self-care break.

How to keep yourself motivated & optimistic

Keeping yourself motivated and optimistic throughout the week starts with balance. Balance starts with making time to reset, rest, & refresh. You’re at your most motivated, most optimistic, most open, and most yourself when you give yourself time to reenergize.

When you don’t find time to pause, you become overly stressed, tired, and resentful. It’s hard to stay motivated and optimistic when rest and play are sacrificed for work and #adulting priorities. 

If you want to keep yourself motivated & optimistic everyday, here’s a 3-step plan you can use:

1. Balance your routine & schedule

Create and stick to a routine & schedule that balances time for refreshment and for work. Make time to pause and reset especially when life feels hectic.

2. Refresh your mind, body, & heart

How you experience the world has a lot to do with how you see the world through your thoughts, emotions, & beliefs.

This is what makes up your inner self. Everything comes back to how you experience the world inside your mind and heart.

When you refresh your mind, body, and heart, you’re more open to seeing the world’s wisdom & beauty.

3. Make time to practice your gifts and talents

Find time to practice those skills and talents that you love, that bring you happiness, and that come naturally to you. Such as singing, building, dancing, writing.

Life isn’t just about giving. There comes a time when you must let yourself receive, in order to keep life balanced.

And when you keep life balanced, you have the energy, motivation, & optimism to carry on.

What keeps you motivated & optimistic?