The beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life

You appreciate the beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life on good and bad days.

As you get older, your wisdom grows. You’re less naive. You’re stronger.

You’re grateful about the good things life blesses you with: songs to sing, something new to learn, a curiosity to laugh about. 

Sometimes the purpose of your life changes. On one day, your purpose is simply to get through the day. Other days, it’s to give it all you got by serving selflessly or living bravely or both.

There’s a new day, again. And again, there’s a new day.

Sometimes you try to make sense of it all. Other times, there’s nothing to make sense of.

There’s always something to appreciate about life–its beauty, its goodness, its mystery.

Photo above by Evie S. on Unsplash