How change transforms your life

A change in your daily ritual might not be what you want. But it may be exactly what you need. As the days go by you get used to doing or thinking things a certain way. Change comes at the right time to help you switch things up a bit.

New perspective

A new change can help you change your beliefs on how things are supposed to happen.

  • you become flexible with your thinking or planning
  • you make the best of the moment
  • you find wisdom when you see the situation from another angle

Self growth

Change grows you. Change challenges you to become a better version of yourself. Change brings out the best in you. You’re always stronger and braver than you think.

Gratitude & the present moment

Change brings you back to the present moment. You remember to be grateful for what you have because you may not have it always.

Even if you find yourself losing something because of change, you gain something else: wisdom or a new friend. 


Change isn’t always comfortable, and it isn’t always planned. Change is transformative if you let it freshen up your life.

Hope & peace during this time of change

During this time of change, I found myself not wanting to adapt to the change. I’ve cried. I’ve felt fear. I still feel it sometimes. Anxiety, too.

During this time of change, I found it important to do that things that would keep me centered.

At first it started with journaling (lotsa daily journaling), then with being disciplined with an exercise routine, with connecting with loved ones, with appreciating the humor found on social media.

Little by little, I started to feel hope again. But I don’t know that it’s hope as much as it is determination. As much as it is anger. Or acceptance. Or peace within myself.

This time is asking us to be flexible not just physically with our routines, but with our inner states of being. Being flexible with so much change at once was so darn hard at the beginning. It still is.


I found these quotes on social media about change that helped put things into perspective:

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where the power is.


The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts

Even if it’s little by little, hold on to whatever brings you peace or hope during this time of change. I promise you that it makes all of the difference.

I want to pass along this message by Cleo Wade:


Maybe this period is making you feel wildly ambitious. Maybe you feel alive with productivity. Maybe you feel fatigued from being emotionally overwhelmed. Maybe you only have the energy to figure out what tv show you’re going to binge next. Maybe you feel exhausted from caring for your children. Maybe you feel full of gratitude for this time you get to spend with your children. Maybe all you could do today was not cry. Maybe all you could do today was have a good cry. Maybe your daily walks have reminded you that it’s spring time and the earth is showing you that there is beauty amidst this trying time. Maybe you feel lonely because you’re spending more time alone than ever before. Maybe you’re feeling lonely in a house full of people. Maybe you found a moment of bliss sitting in bed in your bathroom watching a movie with a glass of wine (me currently 🍷) Maybe you felt a spell of anxiety today (me earlier) Maybe you caught your breath and were able to remind yourself that this too shall pass (me again). Maybe you feel scared. Maybe you feel confident that things will be okay. Maybe you feel none of these things or all of these things at different points throughout the day. Either way. I just want to remind you that during these times it’s important to put as little pressure on yourself as possible. There are enough pressure in this climate, both socially and economically, don’t add to this period by thinking that there is some correct way to move through it emotionally. However you feel is just the way you feel. It is all okay.

by Cleo Wade

What it takes to change & be the change

The changing colors of a leaf. The butterfly. These symbols represent change.

Change. Change is so darn difficult to get used to. So darn difficult to accept.

Change brings newness, and it takes time for the newness to feel normal. It takes time for your mind to get used to your new reality or the newest version of yourself. 

Stay humble

Of all the wisest things people have told me, the wisdom that echos most: “Stay humble”. Be open. Be willing to learn from the life lessons. Don’t be so hard-headed by thinking that you know it all. There’s always something new to learn. There’s always a different way of doing things.

Be brave

Say no to a life that doesn’t bring you meaning or happiness or contentment. Say yes to what makes your soul dance. It takes consistent courage to show up after you fail, to do things differently.

Have faith

Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the people who matter most to you. Have faith in your dreams. Faith in God. Faith in your destiny.

The only thing that is constant is change.


You have the power to change yourself and your life. You’re part of a bigger picture. Your presence matters. Your work, your talent matter. Trust. Everything will work out as it should.