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How small acts of kindness make a difference

Kindness makes a difference when you go above and beyond in the simple things. For example, when your empathy or sympathy turns into an action. The other day, I forgot my mug of warm coffee with hazelnut creamer at home. It wasn’t the end of the world. Either way, as I was walking up the stairs with my coworker, I shared this with her. She told me that she had an extra mug in her room she could lend me and a coffee maker so that I could make myself a cup. Her kindness made my day. She could’ve simply listened to me and said she was sorry I’d forgotten my coffee. Instead, she went above and beyond by making sure I didn’t go through my day without my morning coffee. She said something along the lines, “That’s what we’re here for, to help each other out.” How has someone’s act of kindness made a difference on your life?

How to Take Your Gratitude Practice Up a Notch

Sometimes we forget that we are not the only ones working hard to make the day go smooth. Whether it’s in our jobs or in our families or in our communities. Just like we put a lot of effort and dedication into our jobs and roles, so do our coworkers and our managers at work, our family members at home, and our friends and neighbors in their lives. We all make a difference We all have important roles, no matter how small our roles may seem. Here are some examples on how each team member I work with is vital. My school principals work behind the scenes to manage everything on a larger scale. They plan things like state testing and assemblies. The IT department makes sure our chromebooks get fixed if they’re damaged, and they keep us updated on phishing scams. And our counselors are always there to make sure our students are supported. When it’s time to say goodbye Some of the faculty at my school are joining other schools, districts, and possibly …