3 Ways to Love Yourself More

Loving your life starts with loving and accepting everything that is you. Accept your imperfections. Be loyal to your joys. Be patient with yourself during times of self growth.

Loving your life starts by loving the world within yourself.

The inner story you tell yourself on a daily basis reflects in the outer world. Keep your inner self, your inner world healthy.

Hold higher standards for yourself

Set higher standards for yourself. If you think you deserve this, how about believing you deserve something even better?

Don’t fall in the trap of settling for less. Of thinking that you’ll never have what you dream of. Of thinking why bother?

Every single moment you have the power to create the life you dream of. Even though some things are out of your control, so much of your reality depends on your choices.

Let your choices reflect the best things you desire for yourself. Every time you choose your dreams, you’re going to meet some type of resistance: excuses, low self-esteem, the thought it’s impossible, criticism, or impatience.

You’re worthy of your grandest dreams. And your grandest dreams need your faith, loyalty, and patience.

Take care of yourself

Take better care of yourself. Prioritize your body, mental, and emotional health.

Take the steps that lead you back to health. When you feel really stressed take a break. When you feel overwhelmed, simplify your to-do list.

Become aware of your body. Have you been sitting or lying down for too long? Are you feeling stressed? Are you repressing your emotions?

Stand up. Stretch. Breathe in. Breath out.

Be compassionate with yourself

Train your mind to notice even your smallest accomplishments. Train yourself to be loving and compassionate to yourself.

Fill yourself up with encouraging thoughts like I did my best today and leave the day at that. Stop the overthinking about how your day could have gone better.

When things don’t look bright on the outside or in the inside, be fully there for yourself.

If you feel frustrated, feel frustrated. Feel lazy. Feel worried. These emotions indicate your next step.

  • Let your frustrations out of your system. Write down your frustrations or share them with someone.
  • Let yourself have a lazy day. Enjoy a day off: the dirty dishes, the laundry can wait.
  • Explore your worry. As you do, come up with possible solutions and accept what you can’t change.

Do you tell yourself that you deserve better or do you settle for less? Do you take care of your mental, emotional and physical health? Are you the first to be there for yourself during your lows?

On Showering the World with Kindness

Being kind is something that we’re taught early on. We’re taught how to share our things. We’re taught how to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that we can better understand them.

But it’s often easy to forget to nurture kindness in ourself and in our interactions with others. Being kind takes practice and willingness. To shower the world with kindness means to embrace the language, attitude, and value of kindness.

The Language of Kindness

Surround yourself with words of kindness about yourself, others, and the world. The language of kindness starts within yourself. If you fail, if you struggle, if things are not going your way, you get to choose the story you tell yourself about the failures and struggles.

Look at your experiences with compassion and cheer yourself on. On the days when you keep thinking that you could have done better, don’t let your overthinking get the best of you. When you consistently use the language of kindness on yourself, it’s easier to express kindness to the world. 

Surround yourself with the language of kindness and make sure that it’s always available to you. From the books you read to the social media accounts that you follow to the screensaver on your phone.

The Attitude of Kindness

Your attitude about how you perceive situations matters. Choose the attitude that aligns with kindness. When you align your attitude with kindness, it shows in your actions as well. You begin to see the places in the world that could use some light, help, and healing. It’s easier to find solutions to problems when kindness is present because everyone is willing to help each other out. 

Sometimes choosing kindness means that you don’t take things personally, and you see someone else’s actions or words with compassion, because at the root of it, we’re all looking for a world that reflects warmth.

The Core Value of Kindness 

Choosing kindness as a life value means that you are aware in what areas of your life you can practice more kindness. You’re in constant reflection within yourself on your areas of weakness and strength.

Where in your life can you practice more kindness? Showing more kindness can mean being kinder to yourself in your thoughts. Or showing up with kindness to the people who have hurt you.

Has anybody ever told you? I’m going to tell you something that’s going to make you laugh. Or has a stranger ever done something that you didn’t expect anyone to do for you? These moments happen because that person aligned with the language, attitude, and value of kindness.

When someone says something harsh or when we see evil things happening around in the world, this is a reminder that there are places in the world that still need kindness in the form of love, joy, and connection. There’s an abundance of kindness, and it’s up to you and me to share it with the world. 

Ouch! On Honoring Emotional Pain

Have you ever had one of those days when you are carrying a lot of emotional pain but you have to be strong to make it through the day? Like keeping your composure and professionalism at work.

As painful as emotional pain can get no matter where you’re at in life, suffering opens up your heart to allow more compassion, healing, awareness, freedom, and love into your life.

You Become Compassionate & Caring

When you honor your emotional pain, you become compassionate and caring. When you look into someone’s eyes, you see that just like you that person is capable of feeling so much pain. You understand that out of the many people living on earth, you are not the only one feeling pain at any given moment. You not only honor your pain, you learn to honor someone else’s pain.

A while back, I started a prayer journal which is something I’d never done before. It seemed that every other day, I added someone new to the list. As the list became longer, I realized the magnitude of the pain and suffering of the people I was praying for. This practice helped me become aware of the suffering present in not just me but in the world.

You Become a Healer

Sometimes people come into your life so that you can help them heal parts of themselves. It becomes easier to see other’s emotional wounds after you learn to recognize and work with your own emotional wounds. Through other’s actions and words, you begin to see where they need love, care, and light.

Moments of healing happen when you ask the right questions, when you know the perfect moment to keep silent, when you keep an open and safe body language and tone of voice, when you act with humility, when you base your conversations on honesty, when you follow your intuition. Others open up to you. They feel welcome to be themselves.

You Get Up from Your Downs Much Faster

When you are used to doing the inner work, it becomes easier to get up from your downs. You understand that the outer world reflects to you all of the things that you are still working within yourself. You know that you alone have the power to heal by honoring your emotions. You learn to feel sadness or anger or pain through and through. To get back up from your downs, you learn to stop running away from the wound.

You Become Less Attached

Sometimes we cause pain to ourselves by becoming attached to specific outcomes. We want things to work out this way or that way. So when things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to, we feel pain.

When you become aware of your attachments and let them go, you experience vast freedom. You are free to honor things as they happen outside of you. You accept other’s people’s experiences and reactions without judgement. You learn to love others unconditionally.

In this freedom, you have so much space to welcome the things that your limited mind may have not seen for yourself. You open your eyes to see all of the things you hadn’t seen before. You approach life with curiosity.

You Find Abundant Love in Your Life

After experiencing a trigger that caused me so much emotional pain recently, I found something beautiful in my day. I was surrounded by so much love.

Pain for me sometimes means that I only see lack of love. Now that I’m able to see the core of my wounds, I can still see all of the good things that surround me.

This is the balance of life. Despite the pain, there’s an endless amount of love. When you reach emotional maturity, you understand that the wound is always accompanied by a healing process. When you embrace that healing process, you embrace a path that leads to wholeness and love.

Love has no end. No one can take away your capacity to love. No one can tell you how to love. You decide how much love to give. All of us adults have inner children that need love and care. Everyone needs love. Honor your capacity to give love and accept love.

Feeling pain frees you, wakes you up. In losing, you find space for all of the things that are meant for you. If not this, something better will arrive into your life. May you open your eyes and heart to the love that surrounds you today.