how to have self worth

your self worth presents itself in all areas of your life. If you’re self worth is low, your standards for how the world treats you will also be low.

You won’t feel worthy of nourishing relationships or fulfilling jobs. You won’t feel worthy of your dream life. 

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When it’s time to change your perspective on how you view yourself, you will find yourself focusing on love, becoming disciplined, and setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

love 💖

Focus on all of the love that is already present in your life, not the absence of it. Who are the people who love you unconditionally?

Develop a healthy sense of self love. Respect, discipline, be gentle, accept, and care for yourself and your needs.

If you believe in God, remember how much God loves you.

You are so worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love no matter your background, your mistakes, your failures, what you look like, or your flaws.

Love is abundant and unconditional. Love is never lost.   

be disciplined

When you start feeling worthy of the life of your dreams, you understand that manifesting your dream life takes the every-day type of discipline not the once-in-a-blue-moon discipline 🗓.

Personally, this has not always been my favorite or fun part, but I can tell you from my experience that learning to have discipline is so worth it. 

Being disciplined helps you become who you want to become. It helps you achieve your goals, and it helps you work for the things that you want.

set healthy boundaries

When you feel a healthy sense of self worth, you treat yourself with respect. You also teach others how to treat you.

When you have self worth you draw a line on what experiences and people you accept into your life.

You stop sacrificing for experiences and relationships that don’t bring you joy or that don’t nourish you.

Developing a sense of self worth will help you value yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. This healthy sense of self worth will help you when it’s time to switch jobs or form new relationships.

When you’re ready to make decisions, you will choose what takes you closer to your dream vision of yourself and your life because you are worthy of them.

To strengthen your self worth, focus on love. Stick with discipline even when it feels routine. And choose only what nourishes and brings you joy.

7 Things That I’ve Learned from Blogging

Yesterday, marked the first-year anniversary of the first blog post on this blog. To be quite honest, I don’t know how I got here. I say this because I never purposely set out with a specific purpose or dream for the blog. I just wanted to have a blog of my own to write for and to share my thoughts. I’ve learned and am still learning how to become a better blogger. Today, I’d like to share with you 7 things that I’ve learned from blogging.

1. Blogs have regulars

I remember when I got my first job at McDonald’s, certain faces and voices became familiar. A man named Leonard would come in singing, if you’re not enjoying life, you’re doing it wrong.

I have no idea how this happened, but I started noticing how some readers return to the blog like Leonard returned to McDonald’s to buy a small cup of coffee (and as always, thank you all so much for doing so!).

No matter your blog follower count, rest assured that your blog will have regulars when you start posting on a consistent schedule.

2. How to let go of perfection

A need to perfect what I wrote always kept me from posting. Of course, it’s important to revise and edit your work, so that it’s clear to your readers. But I’ve learned that you can’t spend a whole month perfecting one blog post if you have a blogging schedule to follow.

3. Bloggers write about everything

I have found so many blogs that focus on all types of topics and that are written in professional, informal, and/or creative styles. This has allowed me to let go of the idea that I must blog about specific topics or in a specific manner.

I hope this observation helps those of you who are still trying to figure out your blog focus. I’d recommend you to let yourself experiment with blog topics and ideas that speak to you.

4. Given me confidence

All of the support I have received on here has improved my writing & voice confidence. Reading other blogs and other’s people’s journeys has also given me confidence to share my thoughts and journey too.

Our uniqueness reflects on our blogs and no matter the blog focus, every blog is special and offers a different perspective on life.

5. Follow your joy

The blogging journey has helped me follow my joy. One of my joys will always be writing and being creative with writing. When I schedule in 1 to 2 hours a day for writing, I’m happy.

6. I still feel like a newbie blogger…

I don’t think that I have a blog niche. I’m still figuring out the why for this blog. I’m trying to figure out how I can be of service to others through my writing. Posting on a consistent basis and getting feedback help my writing become more purposeful.

7. There’s enough inspiration to stick to a posting schedule

Writing for a blog can be easy. Think about the different ways that you’ve been a dedicated writer throughout your life.

Maybe you’re the type of writer who has been writing fan fiction since middle school or who can write personal journal entries everyday. When I reflected on how I’ve been a writer for most of my life, I realized that there really isn’t an excuse as to why I can’t, in the least, stick with a posting schedule.

If you’re wondering what has been helping me get back on a posting schedule, I’ve been writing drafts for multiple blog posts on the days that I have creative energy and time. On the days that I don’t have as much energy, I finish writing the drafts, and I polish them.

What have you learned about blogging?