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What helps the most during difficult times?

You may be having a really bad day or going through a rough time and it seems like nothing will make it bearable. I can’t promise that life gets easier. But I can tell you that the during difficult times, holding on to what adds meaning to your life makes a difference. love Grow together through love. Care for others and also let yourself be cared for through love. Love is the net that catches you in those moments when you feel like you’re falling apart.  Love nourishes you. Love presents itself through your love for God, your life, your partner, your friends, your loved ones. gratitude Take the moment to notice the great and meaningful things in your life. Find the time to feel gratitude for all that you have in your life such as your loved ones, your experiences, your possessions.  Often it’s so easy to desire more and more or to see only the lack of things. Remember how really blessed your life already is.  Make your gratitude visible. Often when we …

Why loving is difficult

It’s difficult to love people who are not fluffy teddy bear huggable. They wish you no good with their glance. They’re cold. It’s also difficult to love people when you’re consumed in your own life story, so consumed that you don’t care to learn about someone else’s story. Like you, everyone is facing a challenge right now. Like you, everyone struggles to hold on to their hope.  At the end of the day, isn’t love what heals this world of suffering? Isn’t love what causes you to do things that you don’t particularly like for the people that you care about? If loving is difficult, loving is difficult because there’s a force of evil that succeeds in its job of keeping people apart—through hate, through fear, through ego. “Your every act should be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

To feel peace & freedom

Stop overanalyzing. Don’t look for meaning in every single thing. Do you get lost in thought? Do you overshare your advice? Do you talk the talk but not walk the walk? Do you give your opinion on everything? Do you judge? Analyzing, overthinking, and judging keep you from feeling peace and freedom. The mind binds you to thoughts and stories that keep you stuck in a rut. To feel peace and freedom, be present in the moment. Find wonder in it. Witness and feel the moment without judgement. Become aware of the details that you wouldn’t have noticed had you been consumed in overthinking and talking. To feel peace and freedom, you don’t have to sit in the beach with your favorite beverage. You don’t have to walk through a field of lavender. You don’t have to be surrounded by the greenery of trees. To feel peace and freedom, be still. Be silent. Be present. Stillness, silence, and presence connect you to wisdom that brings forth rich experiences to you and others. You find clarity …