how to have self worth

your self worth presents itself in all areas of your life. If you’re self worth is low, your standards for how the world treats you will also be low.

You won’t feel worthy of nourishing relationships or fulfilling jobs. You won’t feel worthy of your dream life. 

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When it’s time to change your perspective on how you view yourself, you will find yourself focusing on love, becoming disciplined, and setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

love 💖

Focus on all of the love that is already present in your life, not the absence of it. Who are the people who love you unconditionally?

Develop a healthy sense of self love. Respect, discipline, be gentle, accept, and care for yourself and your needs.

If you believe in God, remember how much God loves you.

You are so worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love no matter your background, your mistakes, your failures, what you look like, or your flaws.

Love is abundant and unconditional. Love is never lost.   

be disciplined

When you start feeling worthy of the life of your dreams, you understand that manifesting your dream life takes the every-day type of discipline not the once-in-a-blue-moon discipline 🗓.

Personally, this has not always been my favorite or fun part, but I can tell you from my experience that learning to have discipline is so worth it. 

Being disciplined helps you become who you want to become. It helps you achieve your goals, and it helps you work for the things that you want.

set healthy boundaries

When you feel a healthy sense of self worth, you treat yourself with respect. You also teach others how to treat you.

When you have self worth you draw a line on what experiences and people you accept into your life.

You stop sacrificing for experiences and relationships that don’t bring you joy or that don’t nourish you.

Developing a sense of self worth will help you value yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. This healthy sense of self worth will help you when it’s time to switch jobs or form new relationships.

When you’re ready to make decisions, you will choose what takes you closer to your dream vision of yourself and your life because you are worthy of them.

To strengthen your self worth, focus on love. Stick with discipline even when it feels routine. And choose only what nourishes and brings you joy.

How to Stop Feeling Green Envy

Green envy feels icky. Yet, it’s also temporary–when you stop avoiding it.

There are so many ways to feel envy: Envy of someone who is in a relationship. Envy of the someone’s material possessions. Envy of someone’s qualities.

Even though envy feels icky, facing envy is the first step towards dissolving it.

My Personal Story

Most recently, I felt a tinge of green envy as my coworker eloquently elaborated on her lesson plans for the next unit in front of our coach and supervisor.

When it was my turn to share my plans, with God’s grace, I said something simple. I also commented that my coworker’s plans sounded amazing, and I found myself sharing that I didn’t feel at her level yet.

I’d felt envy for a moment. Then I remembered that my coworker and I have different backgrounds. I’ve also consciously chosen to go at a slower pace because I want to prioritize peace in my life. Based on previous experience, stress can get the best of me.

In that moment, I honored my pace and our differences. I embraced a chance at growth. Sure, I don’t have elaborate plans and ideas now, but–with time–I will.

I have found that envy has so much value when you stop running away from it and face it instead.

Face your feelings

Acknowledge that you feel envy. Envy wants some love and attention so that it can go on about its way. Talk to your envy. Ask it the right questions.

Why do you feel envy?

Do you feel envy because someone is doing the things that you wish to be doing? Do you feel envy because someone has things that you don’t?

Your answers will let you know if you’re choosing what brings you happiness on a day to day basis.

If you’re sacrificing your happiness or putting it off for tomorrow, find ways to incorporate it back into your day. Notice, I wrote day, not week or month because you need something to look forward to every day.

On another note, your answers to the questions above can lead you to self love. For example, if you’re single and feel envious of someone who is in a relationship, remember your value. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel worthy and love.

Green envy is here to guide you to a personalized path of healing. It leads to happiness. It leads to self love. Listen to your heart and intuition to help you understand what Envy is trying to tell you.

Choose what makes you happy

What brings you the type of happiness that becomes contagious? What did picture when you thought of your answer?

Often times, you sacrifice your happiness for what you think you “should” be doing. When your should’s stop aligning with your happiness, you find yourself discontent with life.

I so get it: There are so many things that arrive into one’s life that require you to put a dream on hold and have extra patience. Or you find that you need to do things that don’t bring you any happiness whatsoever.

However, I often remember what a customer, at a previous job, used to say when he dropped by to pick up a cup of coffee: If you’re not enjoying life, you’re doing it wrong. Life is meant to be enjoyed, despite the hardships.

Love yourself

Learn to love yourself. Loving yourself takes learning if you’re not used to it.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean treating yourself everyday to a cupcake. It doesn’t mean becoming self centered to the point that you stop caring about the rest of the world.

Self love can take shape in the form of discipline. And, personally, discipline isn’t always fun. For example, when you choose a healthier meal you show love to yourself by taking care of your health.

When you begin to love yourself by valuing yourself, your confidence increases. You begin to form clear boundaries on what works for you in your life and what doesn’t. You become open to receive things that you didn’t see for yourself before. Often they are better things than you previously allowed.

It was never a competition. About who has it better? Or who has the best [fill in the blank].

When you face the feeling of envy, it turns into something else: self-acceptance, confidence, and peace.

Instead of desiring what someone has or who someone is, remember that life is not about having more and more or about being that. Life is about having what’s enough for you, and only you know what is enough for you. Life is about being you without the need to imitate.

When Envy drops by welcome it. It wants to meet the abundance of Happiness and Love already present in your life.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Be Disciplined

If you’ve ever struggled with discipline you know the struggle is real with getting things done. However, as soon you learn how to apply discipline in one area of your life, it becomes easier to apply discipline in other areas of your life whether you’re studying for an exam, writing a book, or committing to a new habit.

Below you will find 3 simple tips I’ve applied in my life to become disciplined in multiple areas of my life. I hope that you find them helpful!

1. Set a timer

Set a timer to your desired time length. The allotted time helps you focus on the task versus spending double the time on an activity without intention. For example, you can set a timer to draft a blog post, take a nap, or learn a foreign language and commit to only work on that during, let’s say, 15 minutes.

2. Reward Yourself

After you complete the task you want to build discipline in, reward yourself. The reward can be super simple like 5 minutes of checking your Instagram account or dinking your favorite beverage. Writing is often one of my rewards because I love making connections, reflecting, and writing about topics that are meaningful to me.

3. Use a Calendar/Planner

Have you incorporated an electronic calendar into your personal life? I haven’t. I find it more practical to use the paper ones. No matter your choice, a planner because provides structure. Similarly to using a timer, using a calendar or planner helps set a clear purpose for the days and weeks ahead.

Being more organized with your time and creating expectations for those time frames goes a long way when your goal is to become disciplined. And on the days when you need extra motivation, choosing a reward at the completion of the activity will also help you stick with the activity.

Building discipline is sometimes challenging, but remember that at the other end of your effort is a completed-long term goal such as passing an exam, publishing a book, or becoming fluent in a foreign language.

What helps you be disciplined? Have you applied any of the tips above? Did you find them helpful?