I want you to dream with me the dream writing space

Who did these rooms belong to? One room has a desk surrounded by bookshelves. Another room has stars and planets shining through the walls. I analyzed each room’s items to guess what type of work its owner did. I later learned that Elie Wiesel’s study contained the desk with the bookshelf and that Prince’s studio had the universe shining through the walls.

After looking at some photographs of spaces that famous people worked in, I thought about how I don’t have my dream writing space yet. I was inspired to envision my dream writing space.

Dream with me while I share writing space ideas. If you already have your ideal writing space, how did you decorate and organize your space? These are some of the things that come to mind when I think of my ideal writing space: 

  • Surrounded by beautiful things because beautiful things always inspire me, plants 🪴 and artsy wall prints. 
  • A coaster for drinks, coffee maker or coffee station nearby, bookshelf and file cabinet nearby, window with a view–one that I could look through for inspiration if needed.
  • A comfortable armchair or small sofa for reading 📖.

What’s one of your must-have items in your writing space? Do you have more than one must-have item?

With mucho carino,


p.s. Click here to see Mitch Epstein’s collection of photos 📷 that I mentioned called “The Rooms They Left Behind”.

3 reasons to step out of your comfort zone

take a leap of faith or barely take that one tiny step out of your comfort zone, and you’ll still be making progress. Yes, you’ll come face to face to resistance.

But whether you choose to take a leap of faith or make that one tiny step out of your comfort zone, you’ll get used to the new territory. And soon enough, the new territory will stop feeling foreign to you.

1. learn something new about yourself

the qualities or skills that you think that you don’t have are already within yourself. You don’t think you have them because you haven’t been using them or practicing them.

When you challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you find in yourself those qualities and skills.

You find yourself saying, I can do that now.

2. do and see 👁️ things differently in your life

if you stay where you’re at and don’t move at all, you can’t see what’s over the horizon. You can only see what’s within reach.

The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you learn about the world and the ways of the world.

You gain new perspectives and ideas. As a result, you become inspired to do and see things differently in your life.

3. live your dream life & be your dream self

don’t settle for a life that doesn’t bring forth the best in you and the best you. The best you will always be the motivated you, the inspired you, the hopeful you, the fulfilled you. ✨ 

How would you describe your dream life? How would you describe your dream self?

To become the person you’ve always wanted to be, to have the life you’ve always wanted to have, you’re going to have to put yourself in situations you’ve never been before.

New experiences will help you step into your new identity and life.

Your new life and your new self are one leap of faith away or even one tiny step away as shown in the GIF above.

And after you get used to the territory outside your comfort zone, remember to keep expanding that circle around you despite the resistance you face.

Dream Travels

Airplanes always seemed magical to me. When I looked at them up in the sky, I wished I was inside one on my way to a magical place and adventure.

Being up there next to the clouds, the sunrise, or stars makes the trip feel magical. Arriving to your destination in less time than it would have taken during a car ride makes the trip feel magical.

Crossing paths with so many people in the airport who have different places to go and different reason to travel adds the qualities of mystery and curiosity to traveling.

My mom often tells me how growing up, she never had dreams of traveling around the world, something my grandparents, her parents, also never did other than traveling within Mexico.

Through social media and Youtube, I’ve learned about different countries and places. Although I’m not fan of the cold at all, I’m left awestruck with places in Canada because of the beauty of its nature.

Because of the hype, I’m also curious about landmarks and countries in Europe. There are so many options around the world to choose from for traveling adventures

One of the places I’d like to visit is Vienna, Austria. I was left with a curiosity of visiting Vienna because my university had an internship option there that I couldn’t afford.

In my research, I found out that Vienna is known for a chocolate cake called Sacher Torte, the gardens around Schonbrunn Palace, and music.

Every place, every country has a beautiful experience to offer us. We’re surrounding by experiences we might not be surrounded with on a daily basis. And we create new memories that inspire us to continue dreaming of and planning for new traveling adventures.

Out of all of the places in the world, if you had to choose one to travel to, which one would it be?