motivation to end (the year, a project, a cycle) on a good note

are you familiar with the inspirational and motivational vibes that you feel at the beginning of things: at the beginning of the year, a project, or a new cycle? Where do these vibes go when you need them the most, at the ending of things? Starting on a good note has always been a forteContinue reading “motivation to end (the year, a project, a cycle) on a good note”

How Flexibility in Life Helps You Get Things Done

There are weeks when things go smoothly. Then there are weeks that feel chaotic. The latter applied to my life this week. Because of weather-related issues, some days of my week were affected. Those type of days called for flexibility when things do not go as planned. Within this chaos, I found myself completing theContinue reading “How Flexibility in Life Helps You Get Things Done”

An Unexpected, Meaningful, and Unforgettable Ending

When I found out that one of my students was no longer on my attendance roster, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it because school is over next week. This student taught me something about endings: endings can become unexpected at any moment. I was not prepared to see him go because I thoughtContinue reading “An Unexpected, Meaningful, and Unforgettable Ending”