What is Life Really About?

If your solitude has ever turned into loneliness, you know the feeling of needing someone’s presence. Someone to listen to. Someone to talk to. Someone to laugh with. When you’re surrounded by your loved ones, do you take their presence for granted? Do you pretend to listen to what they’re saying but are not listening?Continue reading “What is Life Really About?”

An Unexpected, Meaningful, and Unforgettable Ending

When I found out that one of my students was no longer on my attendance roster, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it because school is over next week. This student taught me something about endings: endings can become unexpected at any moment. I was not prepared to see him go because I thoughtContinue reading “An Unexpected, Meaningful, and Unforgettable Ending”

Lost Time is Never Found Again

I’m going to try this creative writing challenge which I found on Andrea’s blog The Perks of being Different which she found on Goldie’s Blog. The creative writing prompt is to “In exactly 120 words, write about an event that left an indelible imprint on your mind.” Let me know if you give it a try!Continue reading “Lost Time is Never Found Again”