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Don’t let them get the best of you

There are times when negative thoughts want to get the best of you. Those days when you’re in a rut. Those nights when you can’t sleep and that inner voice drags you into a pit of disillusion. When negative thoughts want to get the best of you, remember that negative thoughts don’t come from a place of love. Say, for example, when you judge yourself for overeating or indulging on a sweet, and you make some harsh remarks about it, the love within you will not be harsh. The love within you will be understanding and patient. Negative thoughts will also lie to you. They don’t let you appreciate your life. If the negative thoughts are about yourself, they don’t let you see your beauty and value. If the negative thoughts are about your life, they prevent you from appreciating all of the goodness already present in your life. You have to be stronger than your negative feelings and thoughts. Acknowledge their presence, but don’t let them overpower the situation. Negative thoughts and feelings can …

If you’re not enjoying life,

you’re doing it wrong, one of my regular customers at McDonald’s used to say. He’d say this when I was taking orders, getting ready to mop the floor, or just about any time he visited the store. He’d even sing it, as he was walking in, to anyone who was willing to listen. Truth be told there’s nothing fun about mopping a floor. There’s nothing fun about turbulent times either.  But it makes me wonder though just how much power we individually have to enjoy life every moment. It comes down to choice. Do you choose something that will make you more miserable or something that will help you keep your peace?  Enjoying life isn’t meant to be that difficult. We sometimes forget to be creative in the way we take things in. We forget that we have the choice to see the bright side of things. Spend your time doing the things that will bring you a sense of fulfillment instead of dread. It’s as simple as thinking back about your day’s or week’s …

7 ideas to help you stay centered

During this time of change–with so many unknowns, with the amount of flexibility and patience being asked of you–you might feel different emotions by the minute. During this time, it’s so important that you find activities that help you stay centered. Staying centered helps you face your day with determination. I’ve been trying my best to stay mindful of my emotions. The ideas below have been helping me feel peace and strength. For example, I’ve been enjoying the company of my family lately. Having dinner together, laughing at the funny videos my sibling finds on TikTok which my mom calls Tic-Tac-Tok 😄. Let me know how these ideas work for you! Also, feel free to share what helps you stay centered. 🍃 The 7 ideas Journal (ideas: gratitude or art journaling) Spend time in nature, observe & listen to nature Connect with, enjoy the company of loved ones (love), Laugh, find humor Be grateful for the good things going on Exercise Listen to the music you love 🍃 Photo by Jan Krnc from Pexels