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41 things to be grateful for

When I lived in Oklahoma, Spring meant tornado season, thunderstorms, and the possibility of the electricity going out. Only then did I notice my dependence on light bulbs, the internet, and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for things to be grateful for today or a reminder of the abundance in your life, I’ve written a list of 41 things to feel grateful for. These are the things I’ve been grateful in the past few months. I realize that not all of these things might be relevant to your life, so please feel free to add to the list in the comment section! 41 things to be grateful for Time Privacy Job Chair(s) Parent(s) Solitude Favorite singer(s) Food Talents/Passions (example: writing) Body Life Self-help books Passionate writers Language Blogging Meditation Sunny days Coworker(s) Grandparent(s) Electricity Money Inspiration Energy Tea/Coffee Slippers Candles Clothes Health Computer Hand Lotion Discomfort Phone Exhaustion Healing Growth Ability to feel emotions Grace New Perspective Mistake(s) Strength Change What are you grateful for today?

take one step towards your happiness

stop overcomplicating your happiness. Keep happiness simple. Often times, you think that you need to do or have something major to feel happiness in your life. Happiness is about the small choices you make day by day. Personally, when happiness doesn’t feel close at hand, I choose to feel (what to me is the next best feeling) peace 🕊️. Even though feeling peace isn’t the same as feeling happiness, it gets me one step closer to happiness. Gabby Bernstein says that no matter how you are feeling, you can work on experiencing the next best feeling on the scale of emotions. For example, if you’re feeling frustrated or irritated you can make it your goal to feel contentment. Versus trying to go from feeling frustration to joy in one jump. what’s one step you can take today towards your happiness? Here are some ideas: Read an inspiring book. Have lunch with a friend. Dedicate time to your hobby. Work on a short-term goal that leads towards the manifestation of your dreams. shout out to Teja 🌞 …