How to stop feeling stressed & overwhelmed

Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Stop fretting. Everything’s going to turn out okay. Life isn’t meant to be complicated. When things turn complicated, it’s your sign to let go of whatever’s keeping you from peace. Remember that living is really simple. Living is about being and loving. Let go To stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed, letContinue reading “How to stop feeling stressed & overwhelmed”

Why making mistakes is a good thing

Your mistakes aren’t meant to keep you suffering in regret or shame. They mean to teach you how to be better. Mistakes teach you how to follow through with what you say. They remind you to walk the talk. For example, do you really mean what you say when you’re on a path of peace,Continue reading “Why making mistakes is a good thing”

On Showering the World with Kindness

Being kind is something that we’re taught early on. We’re taught how to share our things. We’re taught how to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that we can better understand them. But it’s often easy to forget to nurture kindness in ourself and in our interactions with others. Being kind takes practice andContinue reading “On Showering the World with Kindness”

The “Hot Iron” Lesson

Have you ever burned yourself by accident with a hot iron, a cooking pan, or scalding water? It’s not fun, and you would never purposely do this. Last week, I let this happen to me in the emotional sense. I found myself being affected by things that are beyond my control.