7 powerful pros of living in the present moment

Living in the present moment is magical. This magical, powerful moment has so much power to change your day and life. This magical, profound moment has so much goodness ready for you to experience. Experience peace: Give your attention to what’s at hand. Even if it’s not the best of experiences, you’ll feel more atContinue reading “7 powerful pros of living in the present moment”

How to stop taking things personally

“Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you,” says Don Miguel Ruiz. Part of your misery is optional. Taking things personally is a choice. When you stop taking things personally, you feel peaceful and free 🕊️. When you’re so used to taking things personally, it takes effort and time to get outContinue reading “How to stop taking things personally”

a Saturday morning with Mary Oliver

did you see yesterday’s sunrise? Yesterday’s sunrise was orange and purple. Far off in the distance, I saw two planes ascend into the sky. I wouldn’t have noticed it had it not occurred to me to look out the window.  These are the little things about life that take effort to notice. If you lookContinue reading “a Saturday morning with Mary Oliver”

On Letting Go

When you let go, you feel free. You can let go of so many things. People. Expectations. The past. Home. people No matter how kind, patient, and loving you are, you have to take care of who you surround yourself with. There’s this saying in Spanish: Mejor solo que mal acompañado. It means better aloneContinue reading “On Letting Go”

To feel peace & freedom

Stop overanalyzing. Don’t look for meaning in every single thing. Do you get lost in thought? Do you overshare your advice? Do you talk the talk but not walk the walk? Do you give your opinion on everything? Do you judge? Analyzing, overthinking, and judging keep you from feeling peace and freedom. The mind bindsContinue reading “To feel peace & freedom”

Ouch! On Honoring Emotional Pain

Have you ever had one of those days when you are carrying a lot of emotional pain but you have to be strong to make it through the day? Like keeping your composure and professionalism at work. As painful as emotional pain can get no matter where you’re at in life, suffering opens up yourContinue reading “Ouch! On Honoring Emotional Pain”

On the “Skull-Sized Kingdom” and Life Purpose

I’ve been thinking too much about the purpose of my life. Too many days in the past I’ve found life meaningless, so I have searched for answers in books like I usually do. A long time ago, I took a creative writing workshop at my local community college, and one of my professor’s recommended readsContinue reading “On the “Skull-Sized Kingdom” and Life Purpose”