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41 things to be grateful for

When I lived in Oklahoma, Spring meant tornado season, thunderstorms, and the possibility of the electricity going out. Only then did I notice my dependence on light bulbs, the internet, and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for things to be grateful for today or a reminder of the abundance in your life, I’ve written a list of 41 things to feel grateful for. These are the things I’ve been grateful in the past few months. I realize that not all of these things might be relevant to your life, so please feel free to add to the list in the comment section! 41 things to be grateful for Time Privacy Job Chair(s) Parent(s) Solitude Favorite singer(s) Food Talents/Passions (example: writing) Body Life Self-help books Passionate writers Language Blogging Meditation Sunny days Coworker(s) Grandparent(s) Electricity Money Inspiration Energy Tea/Coffee Slippers Candles Clothes Health Computer Hand Lotion Discomfort Phone Exhaustion Healing Growth Ability to feel emotions Grace New Perspective Mistake(s) Strength Change What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude Practice 101

A gratitude practice starts with taking time out of your day to think, talk, or write about what you are grateful for. If writing is one of your favorite modes of expression, having a gratitude journal is a simple way to commit to a gratitude practice. When the act of feeling grateful turns into a habit, you experience life through the perspective of abundance, peace, joy, and love. If you’re looking into more information about the effects of gratitude, tips on how to feel grateful, and gratitude journaling sentence starters this post is for you. ever-present gratitude  You can feel gratitude amidst life’s ups and downs. On the most difficult days, there’s still so much to be grateful for. It’s usually on those difficult days when you can benefit from practicing gratitude the most. Gratitude reminds you that you are surrounded by abundance every moment and every single day. When you’re busy or exhausted or not feeling well, you can still find time while cooking or washing your car to mentally list the things that …

Dream Travels

Airplanes always seemed magical to me. When I looked at them up in the sky, I wished I was inside one on my way to a magical place and adventure. Being up there next to the clouds, the sunrise, or stars makes the trip feel magical. Arriving to your destination in less time than it would have taken during a car ride makes the trip feel magical. Crossing paths with so many people in the airport who have different places to go and different reason to travel adds the qualities of mystery and curiosity to traveling. My mom often tells me how growing up, she never had dreams of traveling around the world, something my grandparents, her parents, also never did other than traveling within Mexico. Through social media and Youtube, I’ve learned about different countries and places. Although I’m not fan of the cold at all, I’m left awestruck with places in Canada because of the beauty of its nature. Because of the hype, I’m also curious about landmarks and countries in Europe. There …