Surround Yourself with Love and Joy ~ by Kim Bedene from The Curated Heart ~ Guest Post

We’re facing uncertain times, and this can make us feel anxious, stressed and worried. It’s human to feel this way, so we shouldn’t judge ourselves for having a few bad days. But the good news is, there are little things we can do, that will help us transform and feel a little bit happier, and an important part of this is looking at what we surround ourselves with.

Are we surrounded by positivity and joy, or stress and negativity? Do we read things that make us laugh, or that leave us more worried than before? Are series and movies that we watch joyful and happy, or do we feel a bit on edge or even scared? What about people around us: do they encourage and reassure us, or are they leaving us with new problems to deal with? And the last thing to look at is our home; do we feel at peace or is our house just a big never-ending to-do list?

When we become aware of the little things that bring our spirit down, we become equipped with the knowledge to transform ourselves. And in times like these, it’s essential that we surround ourselves with as much positivity as we possibly can.

So look around you and start picking joy and love, over fear and negativity. Turn off the news and pick up a good book. Instead of worries taking over your mind and ruining your day, go outside or in a quiet room and meditate for a few minutes. And instead of focusing on everything that can go wrong, try to find as many things as you can that you’re grateful for. 

Little habits like these can change our days and weeks for the better, plus we can build some new routines that will help us even after all of this is over.

We’re all in this together, so let’s stay strong and positive 🙂


About Kim Bedene

I hope you found this little post inspiring, and with that, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kim and I have a blog that is all about minimalism, decluttering and simple intentional living.

I believe we deserve to live peaceful and joyful lives and the things we own are often a big source of stress and dissatisfaction. That is why I’m helping people declutter their homes and wardrobes, so they find their quiet balance and they can finally enjoy their home.

If you have some time, I would be grateful if you check out my blog The Curated Heart where I share all simple living tips that I learned on my journey, and if you’re up for a little challenge, I invite you to check out my 5-day decluttering challenge that will help you let go of some things you don’t need or use anymore.

I truly wish everyone lots of peace and love and joy, and remember, this too shall pass. 

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Have you seen your gift yet?

Dear reader, a few weeks ago as I was walking straight toward the produce department at the supermarket, a woman jumped into my path out of nowhere. 

She asked me with a smile and cheery face, have you seen your gift yet?

She caught me off guard because I was so ready to check off my grocery list.

I thought how clever of her to try to sell me something with that line. I was like: a gift? For me? 😂

So dear reader, have you seen your gift yet? 

Here it is:

It’s a thank you card! 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support of The Hummingbird’s Journal blog!

Thank you for connecting with me on here. 

I’m sending you the best holiday vibes ✨.

May 2020 bring you so much love, joy, & peace 💛🌼🕊️.

On Showering the World with Kindness

Being kind is something that we’re taught early on. We’re taught how to share our things. We’re taught how to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that we can better understand them.

But it’s often easy to forget to nurture kindness in ourself and in our interactions with others. Being kind takes practice and willingness. To shower the world with kindness means to embrace the language, attitude, and value of kindness.

The Language of Kindness

Surround yourself with words of kindness about yourself, others, and the world. The language of kindness starts within yourself. If you fail, if you struggle, if things are not going your way, you get to choose the story you tell yourself about the failures and struggles.

Look at your experiences with compassion and cheer yourself on. On the days when you keep thinking that you could have done better, don’t let your overthinking get the best of you. When you consistently use the language of kindness on yourself, it’s easier to express kindness to the world. 

Surround yourself with the language of kindness and make sure that it’s always available to you. From the books you read to the social media accounts that you follow to the screensaver on your phone.

The Attitude of Kindness

Your attitude about how you perceive situations matters. Choose the attitude that aligns with kindness. When you align your attitude with kindness, it shows in your actions as well. You begin to see the places in the world that could use some light, help, and healing. It’s easier to find solutions to problems when kindness is present because everyone is willing to help each other out. 

Sometimes choosing kindness means that you don’t take things personally, and you see someone else’s actions or words with compassion, because at the root of it, we’re all looking for a world that reflects warmth.

The Core Value of Kindness 

Choosing kindness as a life value means that you are aware in what areas of your life you can practice more kindness. You’re in constant reflection within yourself on your areas of weakness and strength.

Where in your life can you practice more kindness? Showing more kindness can mean being kinder to yourself in your thoughts. Or showing up with kindness to the people who have hurt you.

Has anybody ever told you? I’m going to tell you something that’s going to make you laugh. Or has a stranger ever done something that you didn’t expect anyone to do for you? These moments happen because that person aligned with the language, attitude, and value of kindness.

When someone says something harsh or when we see evil things happening around in the world, this is a reminder that there are places in the world that still need kindness in the form of love, joy, and connection. There’s an abundance of kindness, and it’s up to you and me to share it with the world.