Survivor ~ by Kylie Sanders from Kitty-Kat Chronicles ~ Guest Post

I have realized in 2020 that my life is finally on solid ground after being diagnosed with cancer stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2007 and beating it. Then recurrence in 2015 that left me battled from countless surgeries and then chemotherapy for six months.

I now have my life and lust for life back tenfold and feel on top of the world. I have survived and have gained so much strength from my battle, as well as found a wealth of people who know and love me, for me and not some cancer survivor.

With my newfound strength I have started my very own blog and after almost two years can not believe where it has taken me. I work as a Kindy Aide at a local primary school and enjoying everyday as it comes. I have even found my Faith again and slowly, but surely building my relationship up with God again.

I do not take myself, or the world too seriously, and also laugh a lot, and always very loudly indeed. I am finally me again after a few years kind of lost and simply existing. Now I journal and go out with my family and close friends, my life is precious, but it also means I live it to the very fullest I can. Yes I still have bad days, but now those good days outweigh them more and more. I want people to see that you can be whoever you want to be. Never ever let anybody tell you otherwise.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox


About Kylie Sanders 

Work as an Education assistant at a local primary school. Keen blogger and journal writer, with a creative drive. I live currently in Perth Western Australia and confessed booklover. 

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