7 Ways to Be an Awesome Coworker & Why Being Awesome Matters

When you work the 9-5, your job becomes your second home. Your coworkers become like family. You get used to their personalities. You share inside jokes. You decorate your space at work with personal items like photo frames and artificial flowers. Sometimes you change jobs because you move, get a promotion, or get a degree.Continue reading “7 Ways to Be an Awesome Coworker & Why Being Awesome Matters”

My Struggle with Being Disciplined

I was really, really disappointed in my self by yesterday evening. I failed to turn in a handful of assignments on time that were due at 11:59 p.m. The straight-A student in me wanted to keep working till midnight, but I decided not to because I felt like I gave this past week worth ofContinue reading “My Struggle with Being Disciplined”