Be always for learning

I love starting my sentences with the word “and”. But there’s some grammar rule that goes like this: Thou shall not start your sentences with “and”. Oh, really?

So you can imagine my disbelief when I heard an English professor say, You can start a sentence with the word “and”.

Me: You can?! How did I not know this sooner? And from then on guess what?

I use any opportunity I can to start my sentences with and. There’s something rebellious about it.

I also learned that the grammar rules that we’re taught in school growing up were meant to help us sound formal. We weren’t taught how to write casual like how we speak in informal settings.

I recently read a Ghandi quote about learning and life on Pragati Chauhan’s blog Meldoy of Words that goes like this:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma gandhi

This quote speaks to me because I’ve been reading a book about grammar lately. Yes, I read grammar books for fun :). Not always though. I’ve been reading the grammar book because I’m always for learning how to improve my writing skills.

Did you know these things about writing and grammar?

Did you know that how and where you choose to add a comma, period, dash, or parenthesis in a sentence makes all of the difference on the effect your message has on your reader? One of my favorites is how commas create pauses, and when you remove the commas it makes the writing flow quicker.

For example, I could have added commas to the following sentence, but I chose not to.

And from then on guess what?

And, from then on, guess what?

It helped me get to my point quicker. (Or so I think. What do you think?)

Your choice on where you choose to punctuate can add emphasis, create a dramatic effect, or create contrast. It can make your message sound formal or casual. A tip on sounding casual is to use contractions such as we’re instead of we are.

The purpose of applying grammar rules is to make it easier on our readers to understand our message, says Joseph M. Williams the author of the book. He says that we can always revise a sentence if it’s not clear enough. 

This grammar lesson is so useful for our writing because it helps when you’re writing everything, from a birthday card to an email.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book:

We can create different stylistic effects simply by the way we punctuate: punctuation is not governed by rules, but by choices. 

Joseph M. Williams from Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace

What fascinates me about all the ways in which we can use grammar rules in our messages is that we have so many options. You can choose how many dashes to use or not use them at all. You can choose to use a comma or a colon. It just all depends on the effect you want to create.

Why you should be always for learning

Going back to Ghandi’s quote about learning as if you were to live forever, you have the option of learning something completely new like a language or how to play an instrument. Or you can choose to keep learning about the things you’re passionate about.

The effects of learning or the wisdom gathered from learning change us. We can share wisdom with others or become better at using our talents such as someone who’s really good at baking and continues to improve through practice. If anything, learning allows you to grow, to question, and to innovate as you go.

Are you picky with punctuation and grammar rules? And what have you been learning lately?

Your amiga,


How technology transforms your life for better

My phone fell on my face the other day. And boy did that hurt. This didn’t transform my life for better. I still like my phone though.

Because of technology, we have access to so much knowledge. When you put that knowledge into practice, you improve and transform your life–whether you want to change your mindset, maintain your health, or learn a new skill.


Whatever your go-to’s are for self growth, these sources of inspiration will help you gain awareness on how to let go of limiting beliefs. You can find inspiration for self growth on an IG account full of inspirational quotes or a motivational speaker’s Youtube channel. As you continue to work on your inner self, you experience more peace and freedom.


There’s so much information and resources online that educate you on how to take better care of yourself and your health. Meditation videos are my favorite because they make me feel calm and centered after the work day’s over. Access to work-out videos, music, and podcasts also help you maintain your health–whether mental, physical, or emotional.


Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

Not only does technology help you access resources related to self growth, you can learn about all the topics things that interest you–from religion to writing to how to cook.

Thanks to the cell phone, the computer, and the internet, you can start transforming your life by applying new knowledge. How has technology transformed your life for better?

Photo of cellphone above by Daniel Frank from Pexels

5 Things I Like

This post was inspired by Me Exploring’s “5 Things I Light”.

#1 Learning

I love the moments when I learn even the most trivial fact. The other day, I watched a video on different levels of making French toast, and I learned that stale bread is best bread to use to make French toast.

I don’t remember the last time I made French toast. I don’t think I’ve ever even made it, but I learned something new that might be helpful in the future.

In all seriousness, I think this love of learning helps keep me interested in all areas of life such as my job. Learning keeps me in achiever mode and prompts me to ask questions like how can I be better at this?

#2 Self-growth

With all this learning, it’s not surprising to also find self growth on this list. I don’t claim to be a perfect person, but I am self aware in all of the areas I could grow in. For example, I see room for growth in my social, communication, and leaderships skills.

#3 Writing 

There’s a quote I read recently about writing that I relate to so much. Elie Wiesel says, “Why do I write? Perhaps in order not to go mad. Or, on the contrary, to touch the bottom of the madness.” Writing makes me feel real and anchored, and I think that’s one of the reasons for why I gravitate towards journal/diary writing.

#4 Old English Sheepdogs

Image by Denise coyle from Pixabay

I’m currently obsessed with these fluffy dogs. If I could, I’d buy an OES at this moment. However, I must be realistic: I can’t have one for several reasons.

I follow several OES on Instagram, and seeing their photos always brightens my day.

#5 Pancakes

I know that they’re not the healthiest, and I don’t eat them everyday or every weekend, but pancakes with butter, syrup, and a cup of coffee is probably the most perfect breakfast.