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you also have lots to tell me

One of the bazillion excuses that I came up with for not blogging is that I got switched grade level a quarter into the school year. I went from teaching middle school to high school, 11th-grade English to be more specific. Teaching a new grade level, especially one that I hadn’t taught before, was like reliving my 1st year of teaching because I had to prepare my lesson plans on a week-to-week basis again. This meant that I was working outside the work hours. This got better this semester, thankfully! The other bazillion excuses that I told myself for not writing for the blog were I’m not going to have time to blog consistently so why bother. (I had time to watch Netflix so I had time to update the blog.)  I’m not feeling mentally or emotionally well, so why blog. I’m tired af which was one of the few legit excuses. I’m alive as you can see. And I want to get back into the blog-writing habit. I feel like sharing so much given …

Something different

Something interesting happened to me the other day. A tiny little green turtle made its way to my foot when I was walking at the park. My family and I stood there observing the tiny turtle making it’s way down the road. It was one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. Things like this mean a lot to me. They hold deep meaning. I stood there watching this tiny little turtle make its way to my foot. In this case, the turtle reminded me of pace. How sometimes it takes you a while to learn, to grow, or to be honest with yourself. And that’s totally okay. There comes a time when the life lesson or growth or clarity is right in front of you, and you just can’t keep running away or hiding away from it. You have to confront it, even if it means losing, even if it means being afraid. Please note that I will be taking a blogging break yet again. As always, I super appreciate …

Love your life

When things don’t look or feel the way you want them to, you feel frustrated because you fear you’ll never have the life you envision for yourself. Your problems separate you from realizing your dreams. Sometimes you don’t see the problems coming. You wonder how long they will last. Or you can’t find solutions for them. Yet, you can learn to love your life as it is in this moment–despite your simple to complex problems. There are life circumstances that you can’t control, and for those you must find acceptance. Some life circumstances are meant to grow you, and for those you must humble yourself to the life lessons.  Don’t wait to love your life until it looks picture perfect. Love your life now, even if you find yourself feeling low or lost. These feelings, the problems,–they’re temporary. Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels