Keep going for your dreams

Dreams are so fragile. You have to take care of them so that they don’t break. They’re fragile because they require a lot of work. They require faith in invisible things.

It’s not easy to keep going for your dreams. When you decide to go for your dreams, you’ll be asked to become the version of yourself that’s already experiencing the dream.

Because you don’t believe you’re that version of yourself yet, changing your belief system or your habits will be hard at first

I’m here to remind you to keep going for your dreams.

Trust in what you want to contribute to the world. Don’t ask for permission. Don’t expect to be accepted completely. Don’t leave the impression of what you’re not.

Believe in yourself first. Believe in your dreams first.

Grow. Learn. Adapt. Change. You may not get everything right on the first, second, or third try. Keep practicing. You get better when you choose to learn from the lessons.

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

Even if it’s little by little. Even if you start only to stop again. Even when you don’t believe in yourself–in the beginning. Even if you stop believing in yourself midway.

Your dreams chose you for a reason. The best thing you can do for yourself & the world is to keep going for your dreams. A happy you inspires the world to be happier place.

Photo of “Sky & Sea” by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Love your life

When things don’t look or feel the way you want them to, you feel frustrated because you fear you’ll never have the life you envision for yourself.

Your problems separate you from realizing your dreams. Sometimes you don’t see the problems coming. You wonder how long they will last. Or you can’t find solutions for them.

Yet, you can learn to love your life as it is in this moment–despite your simple to complex problems.

There are life circumstances that you can’t control, and for those you must find acceptance. Some life circumstances are meant to grow you, and for those you must humble yourself to the life lessons. 

Don’t wait to love your life until it looks picture perfect. Love your life now, even if you find yourself feeling low or lost. These feelings, the problems,–they’re temporary.

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels