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You Are Good Enough

What do you do with the negative inner monologue? With thoughts like I’m not good enough? When they become present, I’ve been getting better at letting those thoughts be while not accepting them as my truth. In connection to this topic of self-worth, I want to share some insight I got from watching a YouTube video called “Texting Your Crush (Inside Juanpa Ep. 1)”. It reminded me of the movie Inside Out which focuses on the emotions of joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness and how these affect our lives. In the video, Boss, Flirty, Sensitive, Cool, Cold-heart, and Intern Juanpas exist in the mind of human Juanpa. Juanpa takes us inside his head to show the internal process of texting a crush. (Note: Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican Youtuber known for vlogging and comedy skits.) Insecure Juanpa stood out to me because he reminded me of my insecure self. When he gets a text from Lele his crush, Insecure Juanpa says, “We don’t deserve this girl or this opportunity.” Throughout the video the negativity …

The Four Different Ways that I Journal

I once judged the actress Emma Watson for having what seemed to me like a bazillion journals to document her life. I wondered: why do you need so many journals to document the same life? Today I find myself admitting that I have several journals that serve different purposes. I now see the benefit in having multiple journals. Below you will find explanations for why I currently have four journals.