A gain, a glow, or a gem

With the year coming to an end, I think that it’s so important to reflect on your successes and achievements, even if the year didn’t give you every single thing you hoped for.

Reflecting on your year’s successes and achievements is a way of acknowledging your growth, your hard work, and your dedication to all facets of your life.

Each thing that went well in your year is a glow. Or you can call it gain or a gem.

I first heard of “glows” last school year during an observation of one of my lessons. My coach left me a list of 2 “glows” and 1 “grow” written on post-it notes after she observed me teach.

I’d never heard of glows and grows, so I was curious to learn what she was talking about.

It turned out that the “glows” were 2 things that’d gone well over the course of the lesson. The “grow” was one thing I could improve on. 

I thought, this is neat! Believe it or not, I can sometimes be a Negative Nancy, so it helped to know that I’d done 2 things well.

It helps to be reminded that even though some things still need growth in your life, other things are already going well.

Acknowledge those things that are going well in your life instead of being hard on yourself or instead of letting yourself drown in moments of hopelessness.

What are the things that are flowing in your life?What have you overcome? What have you learned?

Whether you call it a gain, a glow, or a gem, celebrate all of those things that went well this year: light-bulb moments, experiences of success, and moments that brought you joy.

What’s your word for 2020?

2020?! Yes, 2020

Last year, I shared on here that I picked up the practice of choosing a word as a theme for the upcoming year. Last year, I chose “abundance”.

I don’t remember exactly where I first heard of this practice, but I decided I’d use it, too, as a way to keep myself centered throughout the year.

I’ve decided to choose two words for 2020. I learned from 2019’s word “abundance” that a word has a positive and negative charge.

For the year of 2020, I want to embrace the word’s opposite, too. So I chose the words “bold” and “light”. 

Before I go on selfishly chitter-chattering about all of the reasons why I chose these words and their significance to me, please let me know:

  1. Have you heard of this one-word, new year practice?
  2. If you have, what word did you choose?
  3. Was 2019 YOUR year? Or are you ready to tell it “thank you, next”? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Now, on to my selfish chitter-chatter on why “bold” is the word everyone must choose for the year 2020.

Why I chose “bold”

let’s pretend that journal cover says “Hello 2020”

“Bold” has two meanings that of doing things with confidence and courage and that of “having a strong appearance” (source: Google).

This 2020, I envision myself living with more bravado. To let every word & every action have echo and firmness.

I don’t know that I chose the word or the word chose me. Either way “bold” is definitely out of my comfort zone.

If you didn’t know, I made a drastic change mid year that changed the way I both saw my life and myself. It was an out of my comfort-zone change. As if it that drastic change has not caused me enough inner and outer change already, I’ve decided to continue riding this wave of change by putting myself in out-of-my-comfort situations that require me to be, you guessed it, “bold”.

I also chose “light” because I realize that “bold”‘s counterpart is just as important. “Bold” is a heavy word, so I’ll need lightness to balance it out. 

Reasons to choose “bold” as your word for the year 2020

  • Bold to give you more confidence in your decisions
  • Bold to inspire you to leave a mark on the world. And hopefully an intentional positive difference
  • Bold if you feel like you’re navigating unknown territory
  • Bold so that you don’t stay stuck in routines of unhappiness because living the life of your dreams takes courage
  • And light when enough boldness is enough

Did I convince you to choose the word “bold”? I hope not! 😆 Unless that word speaks to you, too.