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3 Tips for Writing as Way of Life

    I decided to become consistent on this blog as a way of taking my writing seriously. Even though writing has never been my life’s main priority, my life always leads back to writing. I can stop writing for days or weeks, but sooner or later my preference of creative outlet is writing. The following are 3 ways in which writing is part of my life on a daily basis. 

My Struggle with Being Disciplined

I was really, really disappointed in my self by yesterday evening. I failed to turn in a handful of assignments on time that were due at 11:59 p.m. The straight-A student in me wanted to keep working till midnight, but I decided not to because I felt like I gave this past week worth of coursework my best effort. (Maybe this serves me as a lesson to never again take 3 summer courses, especially the 4-week courses that are the condensed version of 16-week versions.) I’m not here to complain about the course load, and there’s more to this topic of my experience with graduate school that will probably make it on other blog posts like questioning myself if I really made the right decision to start working on a master’s degree at this time or whether or not I chose the right degree.  I’m actually here to talk about discipline and procrastination.  I know that some people work well when deadlines are nearer. I can be one of these people, but I’ve also learned …