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The power of the present moment

There‚Äôs a vastness within you. Within this vastness, inner gold exists. The key to finding this inner gold is to be present in the moment. When you need attention, listen to yourself. When you feel weary, disillusioned, or overwhelmed, a message of wisdom accompanies the feeling. Listen to Wisdom. Whatever you need–an answer, strength, or peace– they’re already here in this moment within you.

This is how the story ends

The story ends with you loving your life–if not completely, a little bit more. The story begins with a moment of desperation, of sadness, of shame, of madness, of loneliness. The magic happens the moment you’re willing to heal from suffering. The magic happens the moment you face the truth with humility. That moment is there to bring you back to a path of wisdom, of love, of forgiveness, and of peace and freedom. My path of healing started because of those moments of suffering. It started because I felt so much pain, anger, despair, sadness, and resentment. There came a point when enough was enough. I don’t know that life will ever be perfect, but I found that when you choose the path that heals you, you feel lighter, wiser, and stronger. You become open to seeing how life is precious despite the suffering. Be present When you’re present by not living in your mind, by letting yourself take in the details of your surroundings, you experience the world at a richer level. In …

To feel peace & freedom

Stop overanalyzing. Don’t look for meaning in every single thing. Do you get lost in thought? Do you overshare your advice? Do you talk the talk but not walk the walk? Do you give your opinion on everything? Do you judge? Analyzing, overthinking, and judging keep you from feeling peace and freedom. The mind binds you to thoughts and stories that keep you stuck in a rut. To feel peace and freedom, be present in the moment. Find wonder in it. Witness and feel the moment without judgement. Become aware of the details that you wouldn’t have noticed had you been consumed in overthinking and talking. To feel peace and freedom, you don’t have to sit in the beach with your favorite beverage. You don’t have to walk through a field of lavender. You don’t have to be surrounded by the greenery of trees. To feel peace and freedom, be still. Be silent. Be present. Stillness, silence, and presence connect you to wisdom that brings forth rich experiences to you and others. You find clarity …