What do you like least about teaching?

You probably have a lot of questions about what it means to be a teacher. You may be wondering if it’s a right fit for you. Is teaching challenging? The answer is yes.

If you were to ask me today, after 3 years of teaching, What do you like least about teaching?, I’d say teaching is time-consuming. There’s a solution to this. I just haven’t mastered it yet. 

I’ve struggled with teaching because I haven’t been in the same school or same grade level every year. Causing me to change curriculums and texts every time since each school and grade level requires something different. 

The first couple of years of teaching, I struggled with classroom management—making sure everyone was in their seat, paying attention, and being respectful while I taught a lesson.

Just when I thought I had teaching under control, I realized that lesson planning continued to be a struggle. I never seemed to have the lessons plans prepared weeks in advance. I always had them ready just on time. 

Not to mention that teaching during a pandemic has added more challenges because it required me to use different formats of learning and adjust to new guidelines such as for attendance and grading.

I wonder if after I accumulate enough lesson plans for different grade levels and stick with my current school, will the time-consuming aspect of teaching no longer be a problem since I’ll be better prepared? Only time will tell. 

What I want to leave you with is this, I think that my least favorite parts of teaching have always been the things that I haven’t mastered yet. And the solution for that is experience.  As the years go by, we have to opportunity to grow. If every year you work on improving a specific area in your teaching, the next year you can focus on something else. 

Do you remember what you wished for—

when you saw the shooting star or after you blew out your birthday cake candles? 

Do you remember what you wished for after you tore the dandelion from the ground or when you tossed a coin into the fountain?

I’m asking you this because I saw a candle that said A Thousand Wishes at Bath & Body Works.

Even though I didn’t buy the candle because it wasn’t my taste, it made me wonder about the meaning behind A Thousand Wishes. (What was the person thinking of when they came up with this brilliant name for the candle?)

What comes to your mind when you think of A Thousand Wishes?

Here’s what I’m wondering: When you light up this candle, will it transport you to a fountain where you’ll have a thousand coins to throw to make a thousand wishes? Or are there a thousand dandelions or shooting stars inside this candle?

Do you remember all those times that you made wishes on all those different occasions? Those times when you wished for something more. Wished for something different. Or, perhaps, wished for something better. 

Do you remember what you wished for—when you saw the shooting star or after you blew out your birthday cake candles? Do you remember what you wished for after you tore the dandelion from the ground or when you tossed a coin into the fountain?

Did your wish come true? Was it everything you hoped for?

Your amiga,


p.s. — Here’s a picture of the candle.

What matters most in life?

I’m so grateful that I had the good fortune to be in quarantine with my family. Since I’ve been living off of my suitcase in the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the few belongings that I brought with me.

I always come back to the thought that life is more than our belongings and that our home is more than the physical structures we call home.

Home is where we find warmth, love, laughter. Not necessarily where we eat together, but the fact that we get to eat together. Even if we bicker every now and then 🙂

These times have got me reflecting over what matters most in life? Among other questions like what does it mean to be successful in life? & what does it mean to have a successful day?

What matters most in life are our internal states of being and what we learn from the lessons of life. If you nourish your inner self and keep your mind, heart ❤️, and body healthy and balanced, your presence makes a peaceful, loving difference wherever you go. 


Photo of “suitcase” by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash & photo of “man with sky background” by Subham Dash from Pexels