What helps the most during difficult times?

You may be having a really bad day or going through a rough time and it seems like nothing will make it bearable.

I can’t promise that life gets easier. But I can tell you that the during difficult times, holding on to what adds meaning to your life makes a difference.


Grow together through love. Care for others and also let yourself be cared for through love. Love is the net that catches you in those moments when you feel like you’re falling apart. 

Love nourishes you. Love presents itself through your love for God, your life, your partner, your friends, your loved ones.


Take the moment to notice the great and meaningful things in your life. Find the time to feel gratitude for all that you have in your life such as your loved ones, your experiences, your possessions. 

Often it’s so easy to desire more and more or to see only the lack of things. Remember how really blessed your life already is. 

Make your gratitude visible. Often when we take things for granted we stop forgetting to remind others just how important they are to us.

Dear reader, I’m grateful for you


No matter where you’re at in life, learning how to connect with others will probably be one of the most important skills you can have. Every thing in our lives revolves around communicating, team work, feeling emotions, and learning, not by yourself, but with others.

Whether you’re at work or at home, find time and make the effort to nurture your relationships.

As hard as it is to see  where someone is coming from, sometimes it’s all about deep listening.

Other times it’s about speaking your truth because no one can read your mind. 

Sometimes you think that by speaking up you will anger or distance others. Speaking your truth actually allows for a deeper connection because you share what’s meaningful to you even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

Recently, in reflection, I’ve been thinking about how the rough patches in my past were there to prepare me for life’s next set of challenges.

No matter what life throws at you, love, gratitude, and connection help you through any difficult time or situation when you let them be the foundation of your day and your life.

Why loving is difficult

It’s difficult to love people who are not fluffy teddy bear huggable. They wish you no good with their glance. They’re cold.

It’s also difficult to love people when you’re consumed in your own life story, so consumed that you don’t care to learn about someone else’s story.

Like you, everyone is facing a challenge right now. Like you, everyone struggles to hold on to their hope. 

At the end of the day, isn’t love what heals this world of suffering?

Isn’t love what causes you to do things that you don’t particularly like for the people that you care about?

If loving is difficult, loving is difficult because there’s a force of evil that succeeds in its job of keeping people apart—through hate, through fear, through ego.

“Your every act should be done with love.”

1 Corinthians 16:14

Enjoy These 5 Benefits of Solitude

Check in with yourself: Do you feel like you need some alone time?

If your first thought is you’re selfish for focusing on yourself, choosing solitude will strengthen your relationships. It will help you let go of your expectations of the world so that you are better able to connect with everyone in your life.

Or if you think that you don’t have time for solitude, choosing solitude will help you become intentional with your time and commitments. Your actions and words will stem from a place of wisdom, connectedness, and presence. You’ll find time for what matters most to you.

Rediscover Yourself

Alone with all that is you, you who knows yourself best, you know when it is time to let go of who you thought you were.

Have you ever found so much strength within yourself only to find, in the future, more and more strength to face life’s challenges?

Have you ever held a belief about yourself only to find that it no longer applies to you? You feel different. You begin to look, talk, and walk with more hope or with a newfound lightness.

Rediscovering yourself isn’t about turning into a brand new you. It’s about remembering your authentic qualities. Those that get diminished when you try to fit in by pretending to be someone that you’re not.

Reconnect with Your Values

Strip away the buzz, the voices from the outer world, and you begin to hear the buzz of your thoughts. You begin to feel the emotions and thoughts that you put aside because of life’s busyness.

In this stripping away from worldly expectations and in giving all of your thoughts and emotions your full attention, notice where your actions do not align with your values.

Do you ever think the following: I should be doing this because that’s the only way I’ll be successful or loved or seen? But deep inside you, your intuition tells you that there’s another way to do things, that there’s a better way to live.

What do you value the most in life? Do you value peace, love, or health? Are your words, habits, and choices aligned with your personal values?

If you value growth, are you letting yourself grow from your experiences? Or are you still stuck in the past?

Strengthen Your Relationship with God

If you’re not careful, life’s demands can take you away from your center, from your relationship with God. Over and over, God has wisdom and support available for you.

When you nurture your relationship with God, God fills your mind and heart with peace, confidence, and hope. Your connection to God helps you stick to your life values and purpose with more clarity and resoluteness.

Feel Deeper Appreciation for Relationships

Time alone gives you time for reflection and introspection which allows you to accept your humanity. And when you see yourself as someone who makes mistakes, who hurts, who fails, and who yearns for this or that, you’re more forgiving and understanding of others.

You begin to see how we are all made up of inner worlds that shape who we are, how we act, and how we present ourselves to the world. You’re always ready to accept, care, support, understand, and forgive.

Let Go and Receive

During solitude, you feel, hear, and experience things with more presence. You then receive personalized life messages that help you grow and heal.

These life messages are truths and wisdom that come into your life when you really need to hear them. Life messages can be anything from take care of your body to open your heart to trust.

Take care of your body. Open your heart. Trust.

If you take in those life messages, you let go of the beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you. You stop overworking to find time for your health. You learn to love without expecting someone else to be perfect. You let go of worry, and you trust completely in how things unfold before you.

As selfish as solitude sounds and as hard is it is to make time for solitude, choosing solitude doesn’t only benefit you. It benefits all of the people in your life and the world.

After solitude, you experience the world in a meaningful and profound way. You see the thread that connects us all instead of separation. You reconnect with the parts of yourself that need more space to shine. You begin to act in a way that feels purposeful and true to you.

May you make time to reconnect with your self and choose what makes you feel full of life.