Self-care isn’t only for weekends

Self-care means listening to your body’s needs, tending to what needs attention in yourself. Self-care isn’t only for weekends. Care for your needs every day. You know what works best for you because you know your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, your schedule. When you want connection or need help, find the right person toContinue reading “Self-care isn’t only for weekends”

Time to take a self-care break

give yourself permission to take a self-care break. You give and give your energy, time, and attention to your job, your loved ones, your home, your life. It’s time that you let yourself receive time to rest. Keep things balanced.  When to take a self-care break No matter how much you feel that you needContinue reading “Time to take a self-care break”

Daily & Weekly Routine

I’ve been thinking a lot about routine lately. It’s something that stands out to me a lot. All of the ways in which life is the same every day. For me routine is probably more detailed in the afternoons and evenings versus the mornings. I like to have a cup of coffee after work. IContinue reading “Daily & Weekly Routine”