3 Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism caught my attention because I found it purposeful. It helps you get rid of things that you don’t use, so that you’re surrounded by things that serve a purpose.

Growing up, I found my self in houses, trailers, and apartments with basic furnishings. The backseat of our van became our couch for some time while I was in high school. It got to the point where we moved on an almost yearly basis; our few and simple pieces of furniture reflected that instability. Year by year, I learned how to let go of more material things.

But when I stumbled upon Youheum’s Youtube channel Heal Your Living, I felt uncomfortable with extreme minimalism. As I watched Youheum’s video “26 Things I Don’t Buy or Own – Extreme Minimalist Frugal Living”, I wondered what it would take for me to let go of my precious hair dryer.

Youheum does not own physical books, reads from an ebook reader, and does not have furniture in her living space. She does have a hammock which I think is pretty cool.

Even though I am not ready to live an extreme minimalist lifestyle, I feel inspired by her. The following are three reasons for why minimalism seems to have more benefits than harm.

#1 Helps You Save Money

  • Having a minimalistic mentality prompts you to be more conscious of why you want to buy something. Do you really need that?
  • Shopping with a minimalistic mentality keeps you from spending money on things that you might only use once or things that you might never even take the price label off.
  • Whatever money you don’t spend on things you don’t necessarily need means you have more money to put towards your dreams like your dream vacation, dream car, or appliance upgrade.

#2 Helps You Focus on What Truly Matters To You

  • Having a minimalistic home also helps highlight the stuff that really matters to you.
  • Maybe a tour of your home gives people a glimpse of all of your kitchen gadgets because you love to cook or bake. Maybe you’re a painter and have a set space with all of your finished paintings, easels, and brushes.
  • There’s more space for your hobbies and interests.

#3 You help the environment

  • Considering all of the horrible images people share on social media and the news on how plastic and trash are killing animals around the world, minimalism can serve as a stepping stone to help us do our part in protecting the environment.

Although Youheum admits to be on the extreme side of minimalism, she accepts the differences between her and her sister’s minimalist lifestyles. Her sister has chosen to keep furniture as part of her lifestyle.

I’m not sure how much I’m willing to let go of in order to live a minimalist lifestyle. How much would you be willing to let go to live a minimalist lifestyle? How are you a minimalist?