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Why your inner beauty matters more than your physical appearance

There’s more to beauty than physical appearance. Your beauty radiates when you live with confidence, speak with wit, or pick yourself up with humbling grace. I’ve been very blessed to have met women in different periods of my life who have been my guides, mentors, and teachers. All of them always helped me. I’ve never been without a ride, a hug, an uplifting pep talk, the worry, or the support from them. From caring to strong. From wise to selfless. Inner beauty causes people to shine in their own ways, strengths, and styles. When you let your inner beauty shine, you make a positive difference in the world. What inner traits do you think make people beautiful? 7 Inner Beauty Traits Confidence: Have confidence in yourself and in others Wit: Ask thought-provoking questions, contribute your unique ideas & perspective Kindness: Even small acts of kindness make a difference Humor: Humor lights up the room. Stop taking everything seriously…Make fun of the moment Patience: You don’t have to have the patience of the saint, any patience …

3 Fantabulous Benefits of Self Confidence

Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it. Confidence–even feigned confidence–helps you live your dream life and get more opportunities in life. Confidence also helps you make the difference that only YOU are here to make. Live your dream life Be confident even when you’re unsure and after you’ve failed many times. No matter how many people believe in you, it’ll always be up to you to believe in yourself. It’s up to you to try, to keep going. Get more opportunities in life You risk losing out on opportunities, when you don’t believe in yourself. When you commit to trusting yourself, you give the world a sign that you’re ready for opportunities–whether it’s a job or a project. Make the difference only YOU are meant to make I whole-heartedly believe in Marie Forleo’s, “The world really needs that special gift that only you have”. Having confidence helps you make the impact only you are meant to make in this world. Don’t be afraid to stand out. The world needs your voice, your story, your message. …

Why you shouldn’t fall into the self-improvement trap

Since self improvement doesn’t have an end, there’ll always be a thing or two that you can do to improve yourself. Don’t fall into the self-improvement trap. If you do, you start believing that you’re not worthy or beautiful until you change. You’re worthy and beautiful right at this moment despite your current imperfections. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you stop judging yourself for all the “negative” things that make you you. The “negative things” are things like your impatience, your horrible listening skills, or your low self confidence. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you learn to be gentle and patient with yourself as you transform into the type of person that you’ve always wanted to be. When you accept yourself completely as you are in this moment, you see beauty and worth in everyone despite their current imperfections. “Never be afraid” photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash