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you also have lots to tell me

One of the bazillion excuses that I came up with for not blogging is that I got switched grade level a quarter into the school year. I went from teaching middle school to high school, 11th-grade English to be more specific. Teaching a new grade level, especially one that I hadn’t taught before, was like reliving my 1st year of teaching because I had to prepare my lesson plans on a week-to-week basis again. This meant that I was working outside the work hours. This got better this semester, thankfully! The other bazillion excuses that I told myself for not writing for the blog were I’m not going to have time to blog consistently so why bother. (I had time to watch Netflix so I had time to update the blog.)  I’m not feeling mentally or emotionally well, so why blog. I’m tired af which was one of the few legit excuses. I’m alive as you can see. And I want to get back into the blog-writing habit. I feel like sharing so much given …

Why happiness is simple

Happiness likes to keep things simple. Happiness evades you when you set your expectations so high on what it takes for you to be happy. When you lower your expectations, when you find acceptance and contentment with less, happiness meets you there. It’s easier to find happiness when you begin looking at all tasks in your day as wonders of life, with curiosity. I encourage you to find happiness especially in your private moments, be it in your inner reflections or moments of routine. Look at how far you’ve come! How much strength and perspective have you accumulated as a result? Lastly, help make happiness go around. Your words and actions are powerful enough to make someone’s day. A few words of encouragement go a long way.

One simple tip to help you stay positive

Even if it ever starts sounding overrated, gratitude is so beneficial because it helps you shift your focus to (not necessarily) all the positive, but (in the least) to not stay stuck on the negative things going on. For example, I’ve been super grateful for all of the people who kept their calm or positivity at the beginning of all the change Covid-19 brought with it. Grateful for the people who led and have been leading with heart, who kept going, who showed up not just for themselves but for the rest of the world. I say this because it took me a while to take it in, to process it all. Knowing myself, I knew it was going to take some effort to keep my sanity. So one of the very of the very first things I started doing regularly again was gratitude journaling. How gratitude helps you stay positive Gratitude helps shift your focus to the thoughts and energy that will help you get back on your journey. You may not feel like …