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how to have self worth

your self worth presents itself in all areas of your life. If you’re self worth is low, your standards for how the world treats you will also be low. You won’t feel worthy of nourishing relationships or fulfilling jobs. You won’t feel worthy of your dream life.  When it’s time to change your perspective on how you view yourself, you will find yourself focusing on love, becoming disciplined, and setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. love 💖 Focus on all of the love that is already present in your life, not the absence of it. Who are the people who love you unconditionally? Develop a healthy sense of self love. Respect, discipline, be gentle, accept, and care for yourself and your needs. If you believe in God, remember how much God loves you. You are so worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love no matter your background, your mistakes, your failures, what you look like, or your flaws. Love is abundant and unconditional. Love is never lost.    be disciplined When …

Does Self-Improvement Ever End?

What habit, fear, or insecurity did you have in the past that you no longer have? Was there something you thought that you weren’t capable of achieving but you did? For me, these past few weeks, I’ve reflecting over my self-growth in my career. During my first year of teaching, I wasn’t stressed one bit about the scores I would get on evaluations. In my self evaluations, I knew I was giving my job my best. I overworked in my mornings, evenings, and weekends whether that was creating seating charts, contacting a parent or guardian, and arriving at school 30 minutes before the required time.